Zodiac Signs: The Language of Symbols

In Astrology, zodiac signs play a very important role in understanding people in knowing about themselves. Zodiac consists of several constellations; the Sun is also a part of it. Zodiac is known from ancient times when the Greeks and Romans believed in the symbols that predict the future. 

The zodiac contains several signs which help people in different ways. A person’s zodiac sign can predict their personality with the help of the Sun’s position at the time of birth. With the help of zodiac signs, it became easy to learn about the future; this map of the planets and zodiac is called a horoscope. 

With the best astrologer app, the astrologer can help you find answers to any life-related queries. Below are 12 zodiac signs with their meanings, which can help you understand yourself:

  • Aries

Key Traits: Competitive, Energetic, Impulsive, Fearless

Aries is a zodiac sign with the symbol of the ram. The ruling planet of Aries is “mars,” while the ruling house is the first house of self. 

Aries, also known as fire, is generally possessed by dynamic, athletic people who have a fire for winning. Here, people tend to have a proud nature with them. In the craze to win, they generally fall into arguments. 

  • Taurus

Key Traits: Resolute, Grounded, Tenacious, Sensual

Taurus is known as earth. The symbol for it is bull. The ruling planet of Taurus is “venus,” while the ruling house is the second house of income. 


People who possess the Taurus sign generally are very chill and naturally relaxed. They like to spend time making art and are drawn toward luxury. 

  • Gemini

Key Traits: Witty, Curious, Charming, Flighty

The symbol of Gemini is the twins. Its ruling planet is “mercury,” while the ruling house is the third house of communication.

These kinds of people generally don’t possess any secrets, as their trait of sharing doesn’t allow them to do so. They are more of an ambivert nature, sometimes quiet and talkative at others. Their nature, they like to make friends and are inclined towards their career. 

  • Cancer

Key Traits: Compassionate, Giving, Sentimental, Nurturing

With the symbol crab, people who lie in this category are attracted to their homes and deeply love their loved ones. Their ruling planet is “the moon,” and the ruling house is the fourth house of home life. 

With their open nature, they don’t allow anyone to come close to them when they become frustrated. While taking care of others, they forget about themselves. 

  • Leo

Key Traits: Charismatic, Generous, Optimistic, and Dramatic

Leo’s symbol is the lion. Its ruling planet is the “sun,” and the ruling house is the fifth house of romance and self-expression.

People who lie under this sign are generally born leaders. They have good control over themselves and are self-aware. Everyone likes their playful energy. Although their traits can become heavy on themselves, they know how to take care of it. 

  • Virgo

Key Traits: Health-conscious, analytical, Service-oriented, Detail-focused

Their symbol is the virgin or maiden. The ruling planet is “mercury”; the ruling house is the sixth house of wellness and daily routine.

Believers in hard work, Virgo people are quite of researcher type and love to organize themselves. 

  • Libra

Key Traits: Romantic, Artistic, Indecisive, Diplomatic

The symbol of libra is the scales. The ruling planet is “venus,” and the ruling house is the seventh house of partnership.

People who lie in libra are quite balanced and are art lovers. They bring harmony and justice to their relationships.

  • Scorpio

Key Traits: Mysterious, Magnetic, Power-seeking, Spiritual

The scorpion is the symbol of the Scorpio. The ruling planet is “pluto and mars,” The ruling house is the eighth house of emotional bonds and sexual intimacy.

People under this zodiac sign are quite mysterious by nature. They believe in spirituality and are quite introverted. They are the secret keepers. 

  • Sagittarius

Key Traits: Philosophical, Free-spirited, Wanderlust

The symbol of Sagittarius is the archer. The ruling planet is “Jupiter,” and the ruling house is the ninth house of adventure and higher learning. 

People are philosophy lovers who lie under Sagittarius. 

  • Capicon

Key Traits: Traditional, Down-to-earth

The goat is the symbol of Capricorn. The ruling planet is “Saturn,” and the ruling house is the tenth house of career.

These people love to work, and they are also lovers of mountains. They are loyal, and their sense of humor is not so sensational. 

  • Aquarius

Key Traits: Cool, Eccentric

The water bearer is the symbol of Aquarius. The ruling planet is Uranus, and the ruling house is the eleventh house of networking.

  • Pisces

Key Traits: Cool, Eccentric

The fish is the symbol of Aquarius. The ruling planet is Neptune, and the ruling house is the twelfth house of spirituality.


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