Why Won’t My Bosch Dishwasher Start? 

Why doesn’t your Bosch dishwasher turn on? If the door is not fully closed and the latch is blocked, it will not start the wash cycle. So, what should you do in this circumstance? You may contact a Toronto dishwasher repair service. Or you might attempt to handle the issue on your own.

With these troubleshooting suggestions, you may discover the most typical causes of your Bosch dishwasher not starting.

How To Fix A Bosch Dishwasher That Won’t Start

Even if Bosch dishwashers are reliable, regular part failures can cause problems with them. External malfunctions, such as electrical or water supply problems, are also possible and require only a little tweaking. Our expertise in troubleshooting can help you determine the cause of your Bosch dishwasher’s inability to start.

No power for the dishwasher

Without a constant power supply, a Bosch dishwasher won’t turn on. The control panel of a dishwasher won’t light up or react to your commands if the power is out.

Here’s how to evaluate the power sources in your dishwasher:

  • Check the power switch: Make sure the kitchen switch for the dishwasher is on. Remember that the switch may be in the kitchen cabinet behind the sink.
  • Make sure it is plugged in: Make sure the electrical cord for the dishwasher is securely plugged into a working outlet. Never plug the dishwasher into the mains using an extension cord, as it won’t be able to properly transfer the necessary voltage.
  • Watch out for circuit breakers: Check the circuit breaker panel in your home and reset any tripped circuit breakers.

Requires Changing Dishwasher Settings

Sometimes the wash cycle may not start right away if the settings are changed, or the start procedure is not performed correctly. Don’t know how to turn on the Bosch dishwasher? The START button cannot be pressed until a cycle is selected. If no cycle is selected, the dishwasher will not start.

Your dishwasher may be unable to start due to the following settings or displays:

  • All control panel features are locked by the child lock, preventing an unintentional start. “CL” will show up on the control panel when the child lock feature for the Bosch dishwasher is activated. Press and hold the matching button for around 4 seconds or until the letters are gone to turn off Control Lock.
  • Start later: Postpones the beginning of the wash cycle till a later date. Press and hold the DELAY button until the display shows h:00 to disable the Delay Start feature. To preserve the configuration, press START.
  • Dishwasher error codes: If the dishwasher shows an error code, it may be signalling an issue that prevents a quick start. For information on the significance of the error code and how to resolve the issue, read your Bosch dishwasher’s handbook.

If the control panel on your dishwasher doesn’t respond to your setting directions, it can be harmed by moisture or have an electrical problem. The panel could ask for a professional evaluation in this situation.

Dishwasher Door Is Not Locked

The wash cycle will not begin until the dishwasher door is closed. Always close the door tightly to make sure it is closed all the way, and the door latch is latched. The door locks after the latch is engaged, and the main control board receives a signal from the door switch to begin the wash cycle.

If the door is fully closed and the latch still does not engage, there may be a mechanical or electrical problem with the latch. If this is the case, it must be professionally replaced because the door switch or control panel will not start the washer.

Issues with the incoming water supply

If your Bosch dishwasher does not start or does not fill with water, but there is electricity, there may be a problem with the water supply. Make sure the dishwasher is securely connected to the water supply in the house and turned on. Check the water line for kinks that may be preventing water from flowing freely and starting the wash cycle. Replace a broken water line or carefully straighten out any kinks.

Finally, check for damage to the water inlet valve. This valve opens and closes, allowing water from the water line to flow into the dishwasher. The dishwasher will not be able to start a wash cycle if the valve is broken and still closed. The valve must be professionally replaced if it is broken.

Bosch Dishwasher

Unreliable Dishwasher Parts

A faulty component may be to blame if these troubleshooting methods don’t resolve the issue.

A Bosch dishwasher may not start due to one of the following component faults, necessitating evaluation by a reputable dishwasher repair service:

  • Door switch: The door switch tells the control board when the door latch clicks into place to start the wash cycle. The switch is defective and will not command the control board to start the dishwasher if a multimeter check reveals no continuity.
  • Thermal fuse: The thermal fuse activates if the dishwasher is in danger of overheating, disconnecting power to the control board. You can use a multimeter to determine if the fuse is blown.
  • The main control board of the dishwasher is the electronic brain responsible for all of its operations. If it is broken, the dishwasher will not start because it will not supply power in response to commands.


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