Why Invest in New Metro City Gujar Khan


Gujar Khan’s New Metro City is a recently introduced project. The housing complex is a magnificent construction by BSM Builders, located near Grand Trunk road. In addition, the neighbourhood has unique characteristics and sophisticated and international conveniences. Furthermore, the New metro city gujar khan is a newly released development that has caused quite a stir throughout the housing market. Therefore, the neighbourhood possesses all the necessary characteristics for a productive venture.

Reputed Developers

BSM Developers PVT LTD is a well-known and respected construction business that owns and develops New Metro City Gujar Khan. In addition,  Mr Bilal Bashir Malik, grandchild of prominent billionaire Malik Riaz, owns the urban planning group. This company is a sister firm of Bahria Town Pvt. Ltd. The urbanist group envisions creating the most modern and luxurious property for the most affordable price. BSM Builders’ first project, Golf City Gwadar, was highly successful. The proprietors have created other remarkable development in Gujar Khan called New Metro City. Knowing the owners and the builders is a compelling incentive to build in the residential plan.

Legally approved

The Tehsil Municipal Administration has sanctioned New Metro City Gujar Khan’s NOC. A housing development’s approval increases its value, making it a trustworthy framework. In today’s domestic Society, NOC authorization provides the most realistic point for investing in residential development.

Perfect Location

New Metro City has conveniently placed near Grand Trunk Road in Gujar Khan. The proprietors of the neighbourhood have carefully arranged the area of the condominium complex. The Islamabad Grand Trunk Road is among the essential roadways connecting the twin city to the residential community. Furthermore, The road mileage from Rawalpindi and Gujar Khan is approximately forty-nine kilometres, making it more convenient to reach. However, The placement of the condominium complex is among the primary draws that draw many investors. Therefore, the most compelling argument for investing in residential development is its ideal placement.

Well-Design Master Plan

The long-term plan for New Metro City Gujar Khan is the work of a highly qualified team at BSM Builders. The master design for the residential area encompasses around four thousand Kanal of quality property in Gujar Khan. In addition,  all of the essential utilities and conveniences had included in the master plan. In addition, the housing association provides a diverse range of homes in various land dimensions for housing and industrial use.

Affordable Payment Plan

The developers had built New Metro City Gujar Khan monthly payment with practicality in consideration. Furthermore, the developers have formally confirmed the housing society before the financing plan. Many buyers had drawn to residential Society because of its significant monthly financial payment. Therefore, another compelling argument is to invest mainly in residential Society.

Provision of Essential

Another critical incentive to invest in a housing society is the conveniences and services. The comforts of the residential building serve as the most significant factor that renders any development fit to live within. For example, the proprietors of New Metro City Gujar Khan continued to prioritize its contemporary facilities, including a surveillance cameras infrastructure, provision of all essential commodities, and medical and academic institutions. Another compelling argument for investing in the residential complex is the world-class infrastructure and utilities. For more info about Bsm developer gujar Khan contact us on this link.

Salient features

Besides the provision of essential amenities, this residential has all the unique features that distinguish it from other societies. For example, there are shops and supermart throughout the Society, which is a real blessing for the residents. In addition, affordability is the biggest issue nowadays, so developers ensure that they provide affordable housing choices to their customers.

This residential venture is accessible from the central city, so its value will increase rapidly. Moreover,  there is 24/7 security in the neighbourhood to ensure the safety of the residents. Security guards all over the Society are tirelessly working to improve the neighbourhood’s safety. In addition, the developer provides rapid maintenance work in the Society. The residential development has built in a beautiful landscape, and the developer makes sure that the neighbourhood should be sustainable. The biggest issue in the residential Society is the provision of water. It is a big concern for any residential development to provide the essentials to their residents, but fortunately, this residential venture has the reservoir for all the requirements. A beautiful entrance gives the customer a welcoming impression, and further, the development work is going progressively. However, Society has managed to provide world-class infrastructure.

Investment Opportunity

New Metro City is a one-of-a-kind way to invest established in Rawalpindi’s most productive location, Tehsil Gujar Khan. The residential plan has been placed close to Grand Trunk Highway Gujar Khan and is freely reachable via several of the twin cities’ most important routes.

The financing plan is also extremely reasonable, taking into account the budget. It is accessible not only to the upper class but also to persons from lower socioeconomic situations. Among the incentives to invest in the residential building is the New Metro City Gujar Khan, a profitable investment option.


New Metro City Gujar Khan is a crucial prospect to make money for Islamabad and Rawalpindi residents. The residential complex has several characteristics that make it a good asset, such as a premium position and an innovative grand plan that includes the most affordable payment. As a result, the housing concept has become a marvel just a time after its inauguration.

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