Top 4 Reasons Why Buying Functional Roman Shades Is Worth It Today

Today, the importance of window treatments in every home can’t be over stressed enough. Every homeowner needs the best window treatment to prevent heat and cold from getting inside their homes. Besides, covering your windows appropriately with the best functional roman shade valances can also improve the aesthetic appeal of the interior space.

Apart from the aforementioned benefits, you’ll also find many more reasons why buying functional roman shades is worth the investment today.

1. Flexible & timeless styles

The popularity of roman shades data as far back as the gladiator era. These materials were used in the colosseum to prevent sun and provide shades for spectators while the arena ground is still kept sunlit.

Looking at the demand history of roman shades, it’s safe to say that they are timeless pieces. Over the years, we’ve also seen roman shades evolve in terms of styles and functions. Now, these timeless fabrics are available in several different styles for you to choose for your home.

  • First, there is a “soft fold” contemporary style, which is ideal for your dining room, sitting room, and other formal areas in your home.
  • Another functional roman shade style worth trying is flat fold. This style doesn’t have any seam or fullness. Instead, it only comes with one solid piece of fabric that lays completely flat when closed. This style is ideal if you’re only interested in achieving a streamlined appearance. 
  • Other common styles worth trying when it comes to buying roman shades are off the back, off the front, outside mount, and inside mount.

2. A variety of design options

Another good thing you’ll like about functional shades, which you can buy at Indigo and Luxe, is that they’re available in several different design options. Some common ones are hobbled, flat, relaxed, ribbed, tucked, sheer, and much roman shade designs.

All these aforementioned designs have their strengths and weaknesses. As long as you choose the right design, you’ll certainly get the most out of your roman shades.

3. Contribution towards energy efficiency

Agreed, roman shades aren’t as insulating as many windows treatments out there today. However, you can still rely on these fabrics to help conserve the energy in your home. All that matters is that you need to pick a functional type and properly fit and line them. By doing so, you can always rely on these window coverings to help reduce heat loss during the winter months and heat gain during the summer months.

The bottom line is that in addition to improving your home’s aesthetic appeal, using roman shades can also save you money for other important bills.

4. Natural light control

Apart from providing your home with decorative touch, the best window treatments, such as roman shades, can also help in terms of light control. Depending on the exact style and material type you go for, roman shades can always blackout your entire room. They can also help you achieve partial light or complete natural light in your home’s interior space. Because of this reason, roman shades are certainly worth buying regardless of the type of room you’re looking to shield.

Key factors to consider when buying functional roman shields

The following factors are worth considering when you’re looking to buy the best roman shades:

  • First, you need to check the quality of the product. The general rule is that the higher the shades, the more durable and long-lasting they’ll eventually become.
  • Furthermore, you should also check the aesthetic benefits of the fabric you’re choosing and ensure they meet your current home’s style.
  •  You should also check and be sure the roman shades are highly functional and can meet different needs in your home.

Lastly, you need to factor in the seller on the window draperies and be sure they’re offering high-quality products at competitive prices. If you need help finding the right products today, one store you can consider visiting today is Indigo and Luxe. You can start your journey for the best draperies today.

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