Ways to prevent the behavior of ten common dogs

Every dog ​​owner sometimes has a hard time obeying dogs, and it’s not hard to believe that you’re alone with your dog’s behavior. Don’t bother! Many people have similar problems with dog obedience, and the good news is that these problems can be overcome with less time and patience. Here are the Best Chew Toys for Lab Puppies.

  1. Toilet training issues

Dogs naturally prefer to go from cage to cage. However, the problem arises when the dog does not realize that the whole house is his home and often does not allow the dog to urinate. So, if you don’t let your dog in often, that’s not a problem! Even if the dog urinates from the inside, it can be thought of as repetitive work.

Make it a habit for your dog to make a patty at the same time every day and praise him. However, don’t worry if your dog urinates inside. There is no point in getting angry and barking when training a dog. When the dog calms down in the house, suddenly clap and if the dog suddenly gets out of the way, the dog will start urinating outside. It always requires vigilance and patience, but it is worth the effort.

  1. Attack on the ear

There are many reasons why a dog can be aggressive. If you keep an adult dog, it will treat you like a dog. If you are raising a dog without proper training, the dog will try to control you. When a dog is frustrated or has too much energy, it can be a nuisance and should be controlled by your strong, alpha management.

Food infections are very common. If your dog approaches a food container and shows that it is aggressive in eating or biting, you should create a feeding program and teach it to think differently. Start feeding 2-3 times a day. Instead of trying to recover, they wallow in their sadness and thus, experience more failure.

Aggression is aimed at children and strangers. The training that is given to end this aggression uses positive repetition. Arrest your dog and stay away from aggressive causes (children). Appreciate your dog, treat him, and then approach the source of the aggression. The dog will eventually begin to appreciate it as a gift and a joy, not to get excited and angry.

Being aggressive towards other dogs in your household. This could be a sign that your dog is not a good leader in the pack and that your dogs are fighting for that role. If that happens then we have to take the lead. Negative behavior of domestic dogs can often be prevented by showing clear leadership. Also, when you go out with your dog, do not make any noise when approaching the dog. Your dog will respond to your stimulus and respond accordingly, especially if the dog is drinking vodka.

  1. Unnecessary excavation

If a dog bites you, do it for a serious reason. This may sound silly, but most of the time they like it very much. Unfortunately, even if they like to dig, the dog will destroy your flower garden or patio! In many cases, digging is the result of extra energy and frustration, and the dog can use digging to extract that extra energy. Exercise and play with your dog so you don’t leave him alone for long. Protect any part of your garden you don’t need to dig and fence and use scented guards. Give the dog a special place to dig and take the dog to him whenever he starts to kill. Eventually, he will understand!

  1. Wait


Every dog ​​barks sometimes – either to show enthusiasm or to express their frustration. The problem is that some dogs do not stop barking. The goal is not to reduce the amount of manic-compression disorder and stop the whole process.

When your dog barks, never give him what he needs. If you have to wait for the dog to come and bark, do it! Giving a dog what he needs (especially your attention) will teach you to keep going when he yells at you. Exercise is especially helpful in reducing your dog’s biting behavior. Teach the dog to sit, sleep and calm down. These basic commands focus on the dog and keep you away from them. So when your dog barks a lot, use a sitting group for appropriate and calm behavior before the barking ends, reward and compliment. Again, this takes time and determination.

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