Usage of Plastic Wraps in Moving Time

If you have made up your mind to pack all of your belongings on your own – that is, if you do not plan to hire professional packers to do it for you – then you should be fully informed of the packing materials you should use in order to do the task in a timely manner while minimizing the risk of injury.

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Your choice to pack your belongings yourself demonstrates your level of confidence in your ability to complete the difficult process without the assistance of professional packers. And in most circumstances, the fact that you’ve already completed the task at some point in the past is the cause of your high degree of confidence.

You must be pretty familiar with the many packing supplies, like cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, furniture blankets, and even packing peanuts, as someone who has previously packed houses. However, it’s possible that you are unaware of plastic wrap’s capacity for packaging.

Truth be told, plastic wrap (also known as stretch wrap, shrink wrap, or cling wrap) may be a lifesaver when it comes to packaging because of its amazing adaptability, superior durability, surprising simplicity of use, reasonable cost, and a high degree of recyclability.

Continue reading to discover how to use plastic wrap for moving in the most effective manner, including all of the benefits of stretch wrap when packing for a move and helpful information on where to get plastic wrap for moving.

Why plastic wrap should be used during moving?

It should come as no surprise that plastic wrap is a vital packing material, and you should surely give serious thought to purchasing it and utilizing it while securing your home things for the journey that lies ahead of you.

The point is that stretch wrap will make the process of packing go so much more quickly and in a safer manner that you are likely to question why you haven’t employed it before that moment in time. Using plastic wrap while moving will seem like a clever packing trick that will improve the way you see the house-packing procedure in general.

The following are the main justifications for using plastic wrap while moving:

Versatility. Fortunately, stretch wrap is very adaptable and can be used in a variety of moving-related situations, including bundling various items together, protecting furniture from scratches, preventing dirt and dust from getting on household items, securing loose cables and wires, and keeping drawers, doors, and panels secure.

Durability. Even though plastic wrap is quite thin (around 0.0005 inches), it nevertheless provides excellent strength and rip resistance when wrapped around fragile goods for further protection. Shrink wrap can bear a lot of pressure because of its inherent resistance, protecting your delicate items.

Simple to use. Plastic wrap for packing is quite simple to use. Stretch wrap doesn’t have an adhesive side, so when it’s removed after use, it won’t leave behind any sticky residue as regular packing tape does. Cling wrap adheres to itself as its name implies, and it is simple to remove afterward without worrying about scratching any fragile surfaces.

Affordability. Stretch wrap for moving is reasonably priced, with rolls of heavy-duty stretch wrap costing anywhere from $10 (5 inches x 1,000 ft) to around $25 (15 inches x 1,000 ft). Larger home objects like furniture and appliances should obviously be wrapped in broader rolls of plastic wrap.

Recyclability. Use the extra-thin plastic packing material for the many applications listed below to ensure that your relocation is still environmentally friendly. Plastic wrap used for packing is fully recyclable after the transfer.

Where can I find movable plastic wrap?

And now that you are aware of all the obvious benefits of utilizing plastic wrap while packing for a move, it seems sensible that you would be curious about where to get moving plastic wrap.

You may get plastic film directly from one of the major home improvement retailers in your town or city by going there in person or by placing an online order:

  • Housing Depot
  • Lowe’s.

Of course, if you want to purchase plastic wrap online, you may also look at Amazon.

Final  thoughts

When in doubt, it’s best to get one more roll of shrink wrap; after all, you’ll undoubtedly find the plastic film beneficial after you’ve settled into your new house. The best way to see the utilization of plastic wraps is to contact any moving services Mercer Island and give them your moving job.


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