Turkey Visa Online Requirements And Turkey Visa For Chinese Citizens

Whether you are traveling to Turkey for business or just a vacation, knowing the Turkey visa requirements is important. In this article, we’ll explain what kind of traveler can enter and exit Turkey with ease.

What is the Turkey Visa?

The visa requirements for Turkey Visa for Chinese Citizens to visit Turkey are different from the other countries in the Schengen Area. First, you need to have a valid passport which must be valid for at least six months after your planned date of departure from Turkey. Second, you need a visa application form which can be downloaded from the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. Third, you will need to pay the visa application fee which is currently set at $60. Fourth, you will also have to submit an online application form and provide some required documents including your passport photo and copy of your flight tickets. Finally, you will receive a confirmation email with further information about your visa application.

Type of Turkish Visa:

There are three types of Turkish visas: a tourist visa, a business visa, and a student visa.

Tourist Visa: A tourist visa is for people who want to visit Turkey for tourism purposes for no more than 90 days. To obtain a tourist visa, you must present your passport, a hotel reservation confirmation, and your ticket out of the country.

Business Visa: A business visa is for people who want to come to Turkey to do business. To obtain a business visa, you must present your passport, an application form (available at the Turkish consulate or embassy), and evidence that you have funds in order to cover your expenses while in Turkey.

Student Visa: A student visa is for people who want to study in Turkey. To obtain a student visa, you must present your passport, an application form (available at the Turkish consulate or embassy), and proof that you have sufficient funds to cover your expenses while in Turkey. Turkey Visa Online Requirements

Turkey Visa Online Requirements

If you are planning to visit Turkey, the first thing you should do is to apply for a visa online. In order to be eligible for a visa, you will need to provide your passport number, date of birth, place of birth and citizenship.

In addition, you will need to provide your passport photos and copy of your valid travel document. If you are visiting Turkey on business or as a tourist, you must also provide documentation that proves your business or tourist trip. Finally, make sure to have the correct visa type(s) ready when applying for a visa.

If you are travelling as part of a group of people (for example, if you are travelling with friends), each member of the group must apply for their own visa.

Turkey Visa for Chinese Citizens

If you are a Chinese citizen and you want to visit Turkey, you need to obtain a visa first. The requirements for a Turkish visa depend on your nationality. Here is what you need to know about obtaining a Turkish visa for Chinese citizens:

1. If you are a Chinese citizen who is residing in any country other than China, you need to obtain an approved travel document from your home country before applying for a Turkish visa. You will also need to provide additional documents such as your passport, hotel reservation confirmation, proof of financial funds, and medical insurance.

2. If you are a Chinese citizen who is residing in China, you do not need an approved travel document or additional documents. You can directly apply for a Turkish visa at the Turkish embassy or consulate in Beijing or Shanghai. However, if you are traveling to other countries in Europe while applying for the Turkish visa, make sure that all the required documents are available before arriving in Turkey.

3. The validity of the Turkish visa depends on the length of your stay in Turkey and on the type of visa that you have applied for. Most visas allow stays up to 90 days but some visas may be valid for up to six months or one year.

4. When applying for a Turkish visa online via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, make sure that all your required documents are attached to the online application form and that they meet all of the application requirements listed on the website. You can


Turkish citizens are now able to apply for a visa online, which makes the process much easier. If you are a Chinese citizen and want to visit Turkey, be sure to read our article on the Turkish visa requirements and Turkish visa for Chinese citizens in order to make the most of your trip. We have also included some helpful tips below if you need help with anything else related to your trip.

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