Traditional Banks vs. SoFi

The creators of SoFi took advantage of a developing trend on the web and now offer you elite banking services. There are some differences between SoFi’s basic account and that of your traditional bank. You might have a love-hate relationship with your current banker. Unexpected fees, expensive checkbooks and poor service warrant that you leave. You should first get a better understanding of why traditional banks have been left behind in the past.

It’s Now 100 Percent Digital

Opening an account with SoFi and then funding it occurs all online. There’s no need to visit an actual bank to get the same service or reliability. This technological feat is more advantageous than most bank users tend to see. Whether you’re stuck in traffic or landing in another country, SoFi offers the best logistics for your mobile accounts. The banker is a trusted platform for ETFs and cryptocurrencies for this reason. Its entire system is digital and built for a digital world.

Your Welcome Bonus of $100

Right from the start, your SoFi bank account is eligible for up to $100. This welcome bonus shows just how much the banker appreciates its online patrons. Qualifying for the full amount requires you to have your account verified, and your identity checked. You’ll then want to deposit at least $1,000 within your first 30 days. Patrons who never used direct deposit are still eligible for this reward. Otherwise, every new account is subject to an additional $100 getting deposited. According to the experts at SoFi, “Cash in on up to $300 when you sign up and set up direct deposit.”

The Spending Tracker App

Everyone should factor in how accurate technology has become in accounting. Some apps even discipline you into achieving your financial dreams. The spending tracker built by SoFi is reflective of how innovative all of their technology is. Tracking your spending without bias might call for you to download the app now. You’ll find it synced to your personal accounts. Then the activity recorded within each account is tracked as spending plus deposits.

Savings and Goal Setting

Your savings is best when you can easily hold yourself accountable for them. By setting goals, you can build mental visuals of you holding every penny you have in mind. Built right in, SoFi offers goal settings as a tool for your savings accounts. You can create up to 20 separate accounts to manage a variety of objectives. These accounts are custom and are called “vaults.” Savings, depending on your personal settings, can be automated monthly or as you make purchases.

Active Customer Support

Your hybrid account at SoFi sets the stage for how banking will be done everywhere. Getting interest paid on your checking account, for example, is a rarity. Understanding these incentives and perks might require that you openly contact customer support now. The team is welcoming, humble and friendly; they’re available through chat or phone Monday to Sunday.

Having the audacity to break the common molds of society is what SoFi did for you. You now only need to activate your account and become a participant in the new world.

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