Top Tourist Places To Visit In Dublin, Ireland

As a tourist in Dublin, you’ll have a great time since the city is small enough that you can see everything on a weekend if you stay active. It’s also an excellent option if you want to get down and dirty: Dublin’s Temple Bar neighborhood is crammed with bars where Guinness is offered in plenty.

From nature, and history, to kayaking under bridges or the best coffee in the world. Famous as a dream destination for every traveler who loves to experience its authentic Gaelic games and dance. Another big perk of visiting Dublin is the fact that the city has a wide variety of low-cost airlines to choose from. So, without any doubt, start planning, make delta airlines booking in any class and save up to 50% off on one-way & round trips on every flight. To assist you with the best, here we have highlighted what things to do in Ireland with your family or friends.

Congregational church: Cathedral of Saint Patrick

One of Dublin’s most popular tourist attractions, St. Patrick’s Cathedral is simple to understand why. It was built between 1220 and 1260 and is one of the rare surviving examples of Dublin’s medieval architecture. It serves as the Church of Ireland’s national cathedral and is the country’s largest cathedral.

Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, is a coeducational, private university.

The oldest university in Ireland (founded in 1592) is a must-see while in the nation. The architecture, courtyard, and sculptures on exhibit at this location are free to see. You’ll have to pay a fee, though, to go inside the library and see the Book of Kells, which is more than a thousand years old. The 65-meter-long Room has 4.5 million volumes and is awe-inspiring!

An art museum in Dublin, Ireland, called the Irish Museum of Modern Art displays contemporary art (IMMA)

Ireland’s Irish Museum of Modern Art, which was created in May 1991 and quickly became a major international art institution, is a popular destination for visitors. It’s possible for visitors to participate in entertaining and informative contemporary art exhibits and educational programs. Entrance is free of charge.

Get your hands on a piece of Guinness history at the Open Gate Brewery.

Many other beers including Guinness Draft are used to make Irish beer, contrary to common assumptions. Since its public opening in recent years, our experimental brewery at St. James’s Gate has evolved as an equally vital aspect of Dublin’s cultural landscape. If you’re looking for a white, seasonal, or IPA beer, or if you’re curious in Guinness’ newest innovations, we encourage you to stop by the bar and try some! If you still can’t decide, you can purchase a €8 tasting board and taste four different meals. The regular Guinness is available as well, so you’re not in the dark.

Hurling Championship at Croke Park

Gaelic sports like hurling and Gaelic football are played in the 82,000-seat Croke Park stadium, so if you’re just in Dublin for the day, this would be a good opportunity to learn more about the “religion.” until the conclusion of the season, preferably during the warm months of the year

You may learn about Ireland’s past at Dublin Castle.

A reminder of Ireland’s turbulent and at times violent political history, Dublin Castle is an important historical building in the nation. About 900 years ago, the land was occupied by the castle, and most of the buildings now standing date back to that century. This castle functioned as the official home of British governments in Ireland until the signing of the Anglo-Irish Treaty in 1921. (the building itself saw several major events during the struggle for independence). Inaugurations for Irish presidents and visitors alike have taken place here due to its popularity as a tourist attraction in Ireland.

Temple Bar is a neighborhood known for its bars and restaurants.

This gorgeous neighborhood with cobblestone streets has a lot of character. It’s crammed with bars, cafes, and art galleries, and the architecture is stunning no matter which way you look. Here, you may have an unforgettable night out in Dublin.

Listen to the choir of St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Dedicated to St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland and a legendary snake-chaser (thus his name), this cathedral of the Church of Ireland was built in his honor. Other than being a place of worship, the country’s largest cathedral serves a number of purposes. Beautiful art and architecture may be found throughout the Cathedral, as well as free daily guided tours and interesting graves (including those of Jonathan Swift, a former Dean of the Cathedral). Aside from the school’s outstanding music program and its daily choir performances, one of the most notable aspects of the school is its ability to put a smile on the faces of all who hear it.

Last Words

A lot to explore in Dublin that delights your every single moment. From adventure lovers to history lovers, there is a lot to explore in the Irish landscapes. So, now, don’t think too much and book your trip to Ireland with AirlinesMap right away and customize your travel itinerary on your own. Visit soon, the city is awaiting you..!


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