Top Five Instagram Influences Per Industry

Over the past years, the latest influencer marketing has taken the place of digital marketing. Now brands want to approach the influencers for collaborations. For such types of influence, the most effective platform is Instagram. In the case of influencer marketing, you need to select the right person for your audience and niche. That’s how you can target and earn the required audience. 

Nowadays, when we open up social media, especially Instagram, everywhere we find an influencer that makes it difficult for the brands to choose a perfect one for their job. Thereby,  we tried to create a list of New Zealand Influencers today. We have divided them into lifestyle, health & Fitness, Outdoor, Beauty,  Adventure, and food & Drink.

Health and Fitness 

Unquestionably, health and fitness are among the most famous industries on social media. Also, in NZ, there are many fitness freaks. Below are the details of these influencers of New Zealand.

Matilda Green/ @ matootles 

On the show, bachelor star Matilda developed her fan following. Now she has an audience of about 167,000. She comes as one of the best fitness and balances lifestyle influencers in New Zealand. She often gives tips and tricks related to fitness to her audience. 

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Gemma McCaw/ @gemflynn 

Gemma got fame from the Black Sticks Superstar. From there, she built her profile and earned about 112,000 followers. She is an advocate of health and fitness. She regularly updates her followers regarding health recipes and training regimes on her Instagram page. 

Lifestyle Influencers

Lifestyle influencers are similar to fashion and model influencers, but the spice here is that they also cover the niches like parenthood, home decor, and more. 

Harry Jowsey/ @harryjowsey

The show “Too Hot to Handle” on Netflix is a platform that gave Harry more than 3 million followers. Today, he is considered the top lifestyle influencer in NZ. He works for various industries such as modeling and fashion. 

Hannah Barrett / @hannahhlaity 

Hannah is the wife of Bawden Barrett, who is known as an All Blacks superstar. She focuses on the niches like motherhood, parenting, fashion, beauty, etc. She has up to 900,000 followers on her page. 

Beauty Influencers 

If you want an influencer who promotes beauty and will fit your product and niche, we know a few influencers In NZ that can help you. 

Shannon Harris/ @shaaanxo 

This beauty blogger is not only infamous in NZ but also in the U.S., Germany, and Australia. She has over 1.5 million followers on Instagram, where she promotes her love for beauty and makeup to the audience. 

Simone Anderson 

Here we have another passionate beauty blogger or influencer. In actuality, she is a qualified makeup artist who believes in creativity along with beauty. She has around 311,000 engaging audiences on Instagram. 

Outdoor and Adventure Influencers 

If your product demands an influencer who has an adventurous and energetic attitude, then go with the adventure influencers without any doubt. Look below for knowing such influencers in New Zealand. 

Rachel Hunter/ @rachelhunterx 

Along with a 125,000 audience, this outdoor and adventurous influencer shares her love for nature, mediation, outdoor, yoga, and other fantastic things. 

Carmen Huter/@carmenhuter

Carmen Huter is a travel freak and adventurous person who entertains and engages her audience with the beauty of nature and life. She has uploaded amazing sceneries, backgrounds, places, and more exciting photography on her Instagram page. She has up to 170,000 followers. You can visit Lyna Perez (biggest social media star).

Here, we have ended our list of influencers. All these are fantastic in their niches and experts as well. If you think any one of them is perfect for your brand or product, contact them and ask for collaboration. Have a good day! 

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