Top Best Lottery Games of the World

Ever since the lottery game was invented, people from all around the world have been trying to win it. The lottery is one of the most popular games in North America, and many places across the globe depend on it for a significant portion of their revenue. But what are some of the best lotteries out there? This blog post provides a list of seven very unique lotteries that you might want to try your hand at in order to win your share of millions!

The Lottery is an international phenomenon that has been around for thousands of years. In modern times, it has become a significant source of income for many countries.

US Mega Millions:

This lottery is held in the United States, and it’s slogan is ‘May your mega millions be mega big’. It awards a total of $177 million to its winners.

In Spain, nearly 50% of lottery revenue comes from the El Gordo de la Primitiva. It is also known as “El Gordo”, which translates to ‘the Fat One’. This lottery takes place at Christmas time, and has been steadily growing in popularity for over two centuries now.

The EuroMillions is one of the biggest lotteries that take place across Europe. Many European countries have their own version of this lottery, including Great Britain, France and Switzerland.

US Powerball:

Powerball lottery is also held in the United States, and it awards a total of $196 million to its winners. It’s an instant win game, and the odds of winning are extremely low.

The French Loto is also called “La Française du Jeu du Hasard” or ‘French lotteries’. This lottery is a spin-off from the EuroMillions, and it took place for the first time in 1998. It has since grown tremendously over the years, with between €2.1 billion (2009) and €18 billion (2011) being awarded to its winners.

The Swedish Lotto is also known as “Svenska Spelen”, which translates to “Swedish games”.


This lottery is held in the European Union, and it awards a total of €49.8 billion to its winners. It’s one of the most popular lotteries in Europe with nearly 35 million people playing each week. Your potential outcomes walking away with chetak lottery result Mata will improve amazingly. You might play their games on your cell phone or tablet easily.

The UK National Lottery gives out over £4 billion every week, and over 2 million players continue to hop on board every week.

Australian Millionaire Maker:

This lottery is held in Australia, and it awards a total of AU$3 billion to its winners. This lottery has been around since the 70’s, but had very little success until 1994, when it changed its name from ‘Draw Pools’ to ‘Millionaire Maker’.

EuroMillions UK:

The EuroMillions lottery is one of Europe’s most popular lotteries. It’s also the world’s second biggest lottery with more than 175 million tickets sold each week in 52 countries worldwide.

This is an online-only game where players pick five different numbers from 1 to 90 and a lucky star number from 1 to 12 for a chance to win some of the estimated €25 billion available in the draw every Wednesday and Saturday night at 20:00 CET (CET cannot be used for this draw). It was first drawn on 14th November 2005, during which there were two jackpot prizes of €15 million each.


The EuroJackpot is a syndicate-based game, drawn each Wednesday and Saturday night at 20.00 CET. The jackpot starts at €50 million and increases by €5 million every time a set of five main numbers is chosen correctly (the jackpot starts with five main numbers but only four are drawn). Players can win up to €1,000,000 each by matching just the main numbers.

Lotto 6/49:

Lotto 6/49 is a UK lottery draw that offers players the chance to win prizes in six major draws that take place every Tuesday and Friday night. The prize fund for the first draw on Wednesday 12th March 2017 was £4,800,000.

La Primitiva Spain:

La Primitiva is a Spanish lottery game with a top prize of €1 million – one of Spain’s biggest jackpots. It has been played every Thursday night since 14th January 1989.

La Primitiva tickets cost €3 each, and there are currently no limits on how many you can buy each week. There are various prize tiers – prizes up to €1 million can be won in the main draw, while prizes between 000,000 and €500,000 are awarded in a second division jackpot.

Loteria National Monthly Raffles:

The National Lottery in the UK is operated on behalf of the government by Camelot Group. It raises money for projects all over the country, from sports facilities to the arts, heritage and the environment.

Lotteries’ Lutetia monthly raffle has a total prize pool of €8.5 million, including cash prizes and cars from their major sponsors. The grand prize is a jackpot worth €25,000 that starts at €25,000 each month and increases by a minimum of €100 every time there is no winner selected in any category. You can choose your numbers online or via their official website on a specified.

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