Top 5 Strangest Beaches in the World

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You’ve probably been to the beach at least once, it’s the sea that is washed by sand or small stones. However, there are a lot of strange and even mysterious beaches in the world, which we will tell you about in this article.

Pink Beach on Harbor Island

This beach will please fans of the new movie “Barbie”. An unusual pink sand beach stretches for 4.5 km along the entire eastern coast of the island. In the sand, there is a very large percentage of crushed shells of foraminifera – amoeboid protozoa with a shell.

For thousands of years, the surf brought pink fragments of these mini-shells from the ocean, and the waves crushed them to the size of grains of sand.

Black Panela Beach in Hawaii

Relaxing on a black beach is a very strange activity. It seems to feel the same, but still somehow uncomfortable. However, Panalu Beach in Hawaii is not a deserted or abandoned place.


Tourists are only asked not to disturb the local rare honu turtles, which swim out of the sea here to lie on the black sand. It was formed from volcanic lava. There are several extinct volcanoes near the beach.

Colorful Beach in Fort Bragg, California

Until the 1970s, garbage taken out of San Francisco was simply dumped into the ocean north of the city. Some of the garbage was carried away by the waves, the other remained on the shore. And this has been happening for decades.


Then the dump was closed. All organic matter rotted away; metal was taken away for scrap, and glass and ceramics were rolled by the sea to the state of sand and pebbles.

The Beach Between the Largest Pool and the Largest Ocean in the World – San Alfonso Del Mar, Chile

The length of the world’s largest artificial pool is 1 kilometer, it contains 250 thousand cubic meters of water. It was somehow strange to arrange the world’s largest swimming pool right on the shore of the world’s largest ocean: the beach there is also huge.


But this was the idea of the owners of the San Alfonso del Mar resort complex: in the ocean, the water is not always warm enough there, and all sorts of waves-currents run in. And in the pool – it’s comfortable there at any time. The beach turned into a strip of sand, sandwiched between the pool and the ocean.

Shigiya Beach, Japan

The Japanese also got into the Guinness Book, having built a high-tech beach just 300 m from the usual beach on the ocean coast, independent of the vagaries of the weather. With a giant sliding four-section roof. In sunny and clear weather – open. If there was bad weather outside, the roof was closed, and the scenery of the blue sky, as close as possible to the natural, was involved.


The internal execution was also coolly worked out: like in a heavenly place somewhere in Tahiti or Bora Bora. On artificially driven waves, it was possible to fully surf.


But Sigaya Beach turned out to be unprofitable – it was too expensive to maintain it. It worked from 1993 to 2007, was closed, and turned into a gradually disassembled “abandoned”.


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