Top 5 Khussa Styles for Womens

A khussa (plural khusas) is an ankle-high Pakistani leather shoe worn by men and women in South Asia, mostly in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

Typical traditional khusa features pointed toes that taper to a point and have little or no heel. Khussas are usually made of fine quality leather with delicate embroidery that may be on the vamp, around the toe and/or on the heel. A non-traditional style of khussa has thicker soles and heels similar to chappals or flip-flops.

List of Top 5 Women Khussa Styles

Considering that Pakistan is a country with a diversified topography, temperature and culture, it is safe to say that many types of Khussas have developed. From Peshawar to Karachi and Lahore, here’s a compilation of 5 different styles of women’s Khussas you can find in Pakistan.

1) Traditional Punjabi Style

The Punjabi style is always a classic, so it’s no surprise that women continue to pair their salwar kameez with churidars (or chadars). The Punjabi style consists of choosing a flat shoe in traditional colours like maroon and pairing them with small earrings. It’s subtle but elegant. One tip: avoid looking frumpy by keeping your accessories light and simple.

2) Solid Color Styling

Solid coloured khussas are a big hit, whether you choose to wear them with formal or casual clothing. When worn with simple shirts and shalwar kameezes, these shoes add a pop of colour to your ensemble.

Solid colour khussas in Pakistan can also be matched with suits and more formal attire. These shoes are especially useful during weddings, where you may want to wear a colour that goes well with your traditional clothing but doesn’t make it seem like you’re trying too hard.

3) Fancy Embellishment

No one does embellishment like Pakistani footwear designers. The artful embroidery is done by hand, and often in gold or silver thread. From conventional floral designs to intricate calligraphy work, embellishment adds an expensive look to otherwise inexpensive footwear. If you’re looking for upscale-looking but affordable khussas, look no further than our selection of embellished styles below.

4) Two Tone Styling

This Pakistani khussa style has a strap that is wider than those of regular khussas but without covering up too much of your feet. It’s a good idea to wear them with smart pants or salwar kameez.

The material used in creating these khussa shoes is goatskin and is mostly neutral colours like red, white, and black. But if you want to add some colour to your attire, you can wear coloured slippers with contrasting colours such as blue and red.

5) Sparkly Styling Khussas

The hottest trend in women’s footwear is glitz, glamour and lots of bling. So to keep up with every fashionista’s taste, try a pair of sparkly khussas with khepe bazi and shiny stones embellished on your favourite pair. These Khussas are designed to be fashionable but also durable. Make sure you know how to wear them before you go shopping for them!

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