Top 5 common forklift attachments

A forklift is a powered industrial vehicle utilised to lift and move materials. They are used in many places, such as factories, warehouses, and building sites. They come in a few different varieties, such as ergonomic forklifts, truck loaders, and pallet stackers. 

While some forklifts are powered by electricity, others use diesel or gasoline as their fuel source. Forklifts have changed over time, just like any other machine. Notably, significant innovation in forklift attachments has transformed standard forklifts into super machines.

In this article, you will learn the different kinds of forklift attachments.

Read further to know about them.

Fork extension slippers 

Fork extension slippers are a type of safety equipment. They are designed to be used with a forklift to extend the length of the forks. It makes it possible for the operator to reach out securely and grab stuff. 

These devices are used when standard-length forks cannot be utilised securely to move lengthy or enormous loads. To handle various load sizes and forms, fork extension slippers come in multiple sizes and designs.

Heavy-duty pallet hook 

A heavy-duty pallet hook can move bulky objects and suspend pallets from chains, among other things. They are frequently utilised in warehouses and other similar places. It usually has a vast, rounded hook on one end and is made of metal. 

The operator inserts the hook into the object to be moved and then pulls on the hook to carry heavy weights. It is widely used as pallets can be loaded and unloaded from a truck or trailer quickly and easily.

Forklift drum rotator 

A forklift drum rotator is a tool that facilitates rotating and moving drums. It is frequently used in warehouses and other locations where moving drums is necessary. The forklift drum rotator, which is connected to the prongs of a forklift, aids in both rotating and moving the drums. 

The frame, which fastens to the forklift, and the drum platform, which the drum rests on, are the two primary components of the rotator. The platform is supported by a system of bearings that enable free rotation. It can help to reduce the risk of accidents when moving drums by hand.

Drum tipper 

A drum tipper is a forklift attachment that can pick up and tip drums containing various substances. A drum can be turned on its side or even upside down by a forklift, emptying the contents without removing the drum from the vehicle. 

Drums are tipped from their horizontal to their vertical position. The drum is then safely locked in place and ready for the operator to handle for other use. Using a drum tipper has advantages such as improved efficiency and safety. 

Using a drum tipper might reduce some risks because performing the activity manually can be risky.

Tipping a drum can be sped up and made more effective with the aid of a drum tipper.

Parrot beak drum lifters

Drums are lifted and held in place by parrot beak drum lifters, or PBDLs while being repaired. The gadgets are made up of several metal rods placed within the drum and then fastened. 

The drum is then raised off the ground and held in place while being repaired using the PBDLs. In industrial situations, such as factories, where barrels need to be hoisted and held in place for maintenance or repair, PBDLs are frequently used. 

To accommodate various types of drums and lifting requirements, drum lifters are available in multiple sizes and designs. Drum lifters often have adjustable straps, built-in handles, and security features like locking.

Thus, these are the top common forklift attachments. If you are seeking ways to improve productivity or efficiency in your industry, ensure you have the necessary attachments to speed up the process and earn more profit.

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