Top 4 New Exciting Series And Games To Enjoy In January and February

There are many opportunities to spend your spare time in the winter holidays: some people watch Christmas movies, and others prefer betting on slot kakek zeus or playing RPGs with friends. If you don’t want to recover from the holidays, you must be looking for great series and films to enjoy in the winter months. Then take a look at our list of the newest and most anticipated exciting video games slot zeus and series with release dates in January and February 2023.

“The Last Of Us”(Release date: 15.01.2023) 

This HBO-series about brain infection in the post-apocalyptic world and two brave survivors is based on the video game from 2013, “The Last of Us”. The outbreak of cordyceps brain infection is spreading in the United States. The infection makes people into zombies who are aggressive and eat other people. 

The story of the two main characters, Joel Miller and Ellie Williams is set 20 years later after the outbreak of the cordyceps plague. The infection has collapsed human civilization, and all uninfected people (actually, the infected don’t look like people anymore!) live in quarantine zones. There is no vaccine against the plague.

Joel and Ellie seem to have nothing in common: he is a hardened middle-aged smuggler, and the 14-aged Ellie Williams, is the only one immune. Joel is hired to smuggle Ellie to the University of Colorado, out of a quarantine zone. However, their trip turns into a dangerous, heartbreaking journey and the two survivors become friends and help each other out of terrible fights. The first episode was already released on the 15th of January and got many positive reviews. Joel and Ellie are played by Pedro Pascal, who is worldwide known as Oberyn Martell (“The Game of Thrones”) and Din Djarin (“The Mandalorian”), and Bella Ramsey, who played Lyanna Mormont in “The Game of Thrones”.

“Hogwarts Legacy” (Release date: 10.02.2023) 

“Hogwarts Legacy”, the open-world RPG game set in the Harry Potter universe launches on February 10. This game will give all fans of the Harry Potter universe the unique opportunity to experience life as a student of the Hogwarts wizarding school just like Harry, Ron, and Hermione. However, the game is set over 100 years before the books of Rowling, in the 1800s. The player creates his customizable character, enters the fifth year in wizarding school, and can not only explore all the locations well-known from Harry Potter films and previous games but find many new areas and solve many new puzzles. 

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There are all the options in this game for the young wizard: you can choose the Hogwarts House, mix potions, attend spell-casting classes, get to know magical creatures, fly on a broomstick and the Buckbeak, and take part in the magic fights. The game combines the adventure of exploring Hogwarts and surrounding areas with elements of an action RPG game.


“Dead Space Remake” (Release date: 27.01.2023)

This game is the remake of the survival-horror game “Dead Space” from 2008. The game takes place in the world of the future, a century of spaceships and space adventures.


The main character of the game, space engineer Isaac Clarke must repair a starship, but something seems to go wrong. The ship’s crew was killed, infected by alien infection. Isaac must fight against necromorphs – terrible creatures who look like zombies. The game was redesigned with a new engine, added animations, and improved sound.

“Poker Face” (Release date: 26.01.2023)

This American television drama series with Natasha Lyonne focuses on the history of casino worker Charlie, who has a paranormal ability to define if somebody is lying. This unique ability makes her able to solve crimes. She goes on the road in her car and with each stop, she encounters new characters and strange crimes. 


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