Tieks Gives Black Friday a Golden Glow with Special Shoe Release

Under CEO Kfir Gavrieli’s guidance, Tieks has become a ballet flat brand known for its loyal fan following. Keeping up the steady demand for these shoes, the brand regularly rolls out special-edition shoe releases, which make its foldable Italian leather ballet flats incredibly collectible. 

In some cases, special edition shoes are part of a larger themed collection. In the last few years alone, limited-edition releases belonging to the Neon and Dragons collections have sold out almost immediately after becoming available in the direct-to-consumer, online-only shoe Boutiek. 

As popular as those shoe lines have become, there’s one annual shoe release that truly whips Tieks fans into a frenzy—the one-of-a-kind Black Friday shoe. Designed differently each year and released on one of the hottest shopping days of the year, Black Friday Tieks are unique and special. This year, thanks to an innovative design decision, Kfir Gavrieli made sure that his special release truly went for the gold. 

How Tieks Redefined Black Friday Fun

For what seems like forever, Black Friday—the day after Thanksgiving—has been a day that shoppers devote to kick-starting their holiday season, finding some of the best deals and discounts of the year. In 2016, the Tieks team decided to switch things up, changing shoppers’ goals for the shopping bonanza. 

That year, the Tieks team released its very first Black Friday shoe, a Metallic Champagne flat that was unveiled at an invitation-only, champagne-themed party. However, they would have to act quickly since the Black Friday flat was only available for purchase until Cyber Monday…if supplies even lasted that long. 

After recognizing the incredible demand for that first Black Friday shoe, Kfir Gavrieli decided to. From that year on, the Black Friday shoe drop became an annual four-day tradition—with one key twist. After the first release, all the Tieks lovers who wanted to could purchase the season’s one-of-a-kind design, so long as they shopped before supplies ran out…something that, historically, happened long before the end of the four-day shopping window. 

Getting the Golden Ticket

In the days and weeks leading up to this year’s release, fans took to social media platforms, eagerly guessing the color and finish that would adorn 2023’s big shoe release. Finally, at exactly 12 am EST on Friday, November 24, the wait was over, and fans were introduced to Theia, a gleaming golden ballet flat named for the Greek goddess of divine light, known for giving radiance to precious metals. 

In addition to the gorgeous golden color, this year’s Black Friday Tieks were constructed from the brand’s premium Italian nubuck leather, featuring an incredible metallic print created using special Tuscan foil that allowed for a unique, mirrored finish.

When these highly-coveted, special-edition shoes shipped out to the customers who were lucky enough to score a pair, the classic Tiek Blue box (made in the same color as the ballet flats’ signature sole-hue) arrived with a gorgeous golden flower on top, complete with sparkling gemstone detailing. 

When announcing his vision for this year’s design, Kfir Gavrieli explained that the annual Black Friday shoe release “is something Tieks supporters and our team look forward to all year.” For this year, he said, “We imagined and created a shoe that represents the spirit of our Tieks community, which adds so much light and value to the world – through the support they constantly show one another and most recently, for our campaigns against terrorism and antisemitism.” In short, he concluded, his hope was that “Theia will make Black Friday golden for Tieks fans.” 

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