The Source of Strength in Yourself: How to Activate Inner Resources

Overcoming any problems in life requires effort, energy and time. For plans and goals to be realized with maximum efficiency, you need an inner support, giving you the opportunity to solve problems and go further.

When a person is in a resourceful state, they are less likely to experience mood swings or fatigue, a decrease in interest and are not affected by stress. It is expressed bodily in the absence of clamps, high activity and resistance to external influences.

An internal resource is built from many components, including personal (interests and attitudes, emotional maturity, stimulus to do your favorite activity, adequate self-esteem, achievement motivation, opportunities to realize creative and professional potential); physical (general state of the body, its tonus, sleep and wakefulness mode, keeping fit by regular exercises, yoga, gymnastics).

Psychologically we are exhausted by certain circumstances:

  • Family and relationship problems. Jealousy of a partner or towards a partner, total control from both sides, protective children or a spouse.
  • Low self-esteem. Inadequate self-image of one’s abilities and strengths, making it difficult to see one’s points of reference.
  • Feelings of guilt and shame. Arising in interpersonal communication (the source of which was a previous traumatic experience). For some, such emotions can appear even when they are gambling at the casino 78 because their close ones don’t understand such a hobby.
  • Repressed emotions and psychological trauma. Another legacy of the early period, the impact of which is also felt in adulthood.
  • Unfavorable environment. Aggression and difficulties in communication with colleagues or relatives due to many reasons.
  • Unpleasant activities. Uninteresting or low-paid work, lack of real prospects and creative development.
  • Negative lifestyle. Smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol, overeating and low levels of physical activity do not add strength and health.
  • Distracting activities. Long hours of watching TV, aimlessly wandering through Internet sites, all kinds of information garbage.


As you can see, the vast majority of the reasons that take away our inner resources lies in the person himself. Consequently, the solution is also in his hands.

How to Find a Fulcrum


Without work on themselves fully developing their personal potential will not work. Unresolved problems, stretching from childhood, current grievances and feelings, the emotions that prevent healthy living – all of this is material for study, both independent and together with a psychologist.

Physical Shape

It’s difficult to expect long-term productivity and mental clarity with aggravating factors. Chronic lack of sleep, low physical activity and associated signs (headaches, general malaise), bad habits. To recover, it’s necessary not just to get periodic sleep, but to follow a regimen and keep the body in a healthy shape.


A good way to fix that state, which is resourceful. To do this, you need to remember a situation when you were “at ease”: full of energy, feeling competent and confident. Remember the inner mood and the bodily aspect (what you were feeling, what you were thinking at that moment), and then return to that feeling of positive emotions, joy and fruitfulness in times of tension.


Time management techniques, planning activities and creating wishlists is one option for channeling your energies and resources in the right direction. It is not only a listing of what you need to do, but also a marking of what you have already achieved. Such a technique allows you to make a visual mark on the achievements, to put an internal “checkmark” as a milestone or a step on the way to the cherished.

Questions to Yourself

To turn desires into reality, it is necessary to determine what exactly you want to achieve. This can be done by asking yourself a series of questions:

  • What do I want to change in myself and my life?
  • What exactly will the result look like?
  • How will the transformation affect my family, loved ones, and work?
  • What will happen when it is realized?
  • This approach will allow not only to specify the goals, but also to take into account hypothetical consequences – hence to mitigate possible conflict situations and to adjust expectations.


It’s not always possible to be in high-impact mode. However, it’s worth resorting to as needed, especially when self-perception, confidence, and self-actualization in life become problematic for the individual.

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