The role of LMS in supporting current learning trends

The need for learning trends

Learning is an important part of education as it enables students to gain both theoretical and practical knowledge. through the learning process it becomes possible to imbibe the student with values and skills that can provide them with support long term.

It is the responsibility of the teachers to ensure that they are taking the adequate steps present to engage the students and providing them with required knowledge about learning trends. The major benefit that is associated with the learning trend is that it enables the students to use interactive learning activities to increase their engagement in education.

Considering the popularity that online education has brought forward, at the same time because of globalization and the internet, the students have been provided with an opportunity to broaden their horizons. In the last few years there has been a significant increase observed in the collaboration between education and modern technology.

In the current environment, digital literacy has become a necessity and therefore it is important for educators to provide the same to the students. Considering the fact that the Future Institute of digitisation and innovation, preparing the students from today will allow them to be able to manage these aspects easily.

The best example that can be highlighted regarding technology that will become the future of education is immersive technologies, personalized learning and artificial intelligence.It is through these concepts that the students will be encouraged to become more innovative and creative and implement them in their daily lives.

In the current educational sector, the technology that is proving to be more fruitful to the educator is that of the learning management system software. Through the use of this technology, it has become easier for the Teachers to have a better understanding of the learning curve of the students. It has also contributed towards developing curriculum easily and integrating new teaching methods to suit the needs of the students.

Current trends in learning process

The concept of learning has evolved considerably over the years with teaching methods becoming more dynamic and student oriented. In the following section, a list of trends have been provided that has contributed towards providing support to the students and improving their engagement in the classroom.

Collaborative Learning

Through online education it has now become possible for students and teachers to stay connected. Technologies such as that of ICT in the field of education have provided more options to the teachers and students. It is based on this concept that the collaborative learning process is becoming more popular and widely accepted.

Through this process it becomes possible to share and discuss ideas through the use of e learning portal. It also allows teachers and students to continue interacting with each other without any formal boundary. For example, instead of taking only a 30 minute class in offline teaching, the teacher and student can continue interacting throughout the day based on their needs.

This has also increased accessibility for the students to the teachers allowing them to contribute in the students overall development. One of the major benefits that is associated with this technology is that it can be conducted through the use of LMS software.

Using Social Media in the lEarning Process

Social media has become a strong part of every student’s life. It is therefore very natural to find an innovative method that will contribute towards helping students use social media as a means of learning. Through the use of social media handles, teachers have started using it as a communication tool.

In this way the teachers and students can continue interacting with each other and the students can also keep up with their peers and faculty members. They can also share study materials, opinions and projects with social media features being embedded in their e-books. In this way positive learning experiences can be developed.

Data Management and Analytics

The management of data has become very convenient and important in the educational system. This is because it now allows teachers to conduct analysis of the performance of the student and provide them with better feedback.

Through the use of this technology it can also enable the measurement of a child in treatment in the classroom and how it impacts their academic performance. In this way, it will be easier for the Teachers to develop a curriculum that can have a positive impact on the students performance.

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