The Most Delicious Papa John’s Pizzas and price

Take a look at the Papa John’s menu prices, and you’ll notice that the prices are reasonable. But you’ll also notice that there are plenty of pizza choices as well. 

If you’re new to Papa John’s, then here’s a list of the pizzas that you definitely must try out: 

Cheese Pizza

Yes, it’s utterly basic and simple. Some might even say it’s boring. Why go with this one when there are so many more creative pizzas available in the Papa John’s menu? 

But the truth is that it’s a classic, and for good reasons. Yes, it’s just cheese on pizza sauce, on baked bread. Still, you have real cheese made from mozzarella, then the you also have the terrific Papa John’s pizza sauce. The simplicity doesn’t change the fact that it’s delicious. Add the nostalgia factor, and it’s hard to beat. 

Pepperoni Pizza

This is another classic that remains popular because it’s as tasty as they come. You get the steaming hot pepperoni pizza and everything’s all right with the world. That’s especially true the way that Papa John’s makes these pizzas. 

Pull up a slice, and you get that meme-worthy cheese pull. The pepperoni slices have crispy edges, which also adds a bit of a crunch with each bite. And unlike other places where they seem to skimp on the pepperoni, here you get a lot of these meat slices. 

For many, this is the go-to pizza when you’re trying to feel sated. It works for lunch just fine, and you’ll feel full even with just 2 slices or so. That works nicely if you’re on a diet, but if not, then just eat your fill! 

Garden Fresh Pizza

This doesn’t have meat, by even carnivores like it. It’s one of those menu items that disprove the notion that all vegetarian fast-food options are comparatively bland. 

Here, you have the great mozzarella cheese accompanies by a nice list of veggies. There are the vine-ripened Roma tomatoes, the freshly cut onions, the crisp green peppers, the always nice, mushrooms, and the ripe black olives. While each piece offers their own flavor, the combination of tastes is just fantastic. The creamy cheese just complements the fresh veggies oh so well. 

Zesty Italian Trio Pizza

Now if the lack of meat on the pizza is just anathema to you, then this should get you going. It starts with the 3 meats, with classic options like salami, pepperoni, and Italian sausage all together on the pizza. To keep things from becoming too meat-heavy and oily, you also have the banana peppers with just the right touch of acidity. Finally, there’s the sprinkle of Italian seasoning to make things more interesting. 

Curiously, it’s not all that heavy, even with the 3 meats. It’s as if you can still fit in just another slice of the pizza. With the nice combo of 3 meats with tasty veggie, this just might become a classic in the long run. 

Spicy Italian Pizza

This is still available in some locations, although the bad news is that it’s no longer part of the menu in some places. If it’s still on the menu, then go ahead and partake. If it’s not, pray that it comes back. 

Here, you have the premium pepperoni bolstered by the spicy Italian sausage. Add the mozzarella cheese, and it’s just great for a snack in the afternoon, with a cold soda or a beer in the other hand. Order this when you and your buddies are watching the game on TV, and no one will complain about it. 

Bacon Cheddarburger Pizza

It’s long been a truism in the fast-food industry that everything becomes better with bacon. While that might not be literally true all the time, this particular pizza proves that belief once again. 

Here, you have the beef on the pizza accompanied by the hickory-smoked bacon. Beef with bacon is a tried and tested combination, as so many burgers have already demonstrated. But you also get Wisconsin cheddar cheese to go with the trusty mozzarella, along with the veggies like the freshly cut Roma tomatoes and the dill pickle slices. Finish it off with the classic burger sauce, and this pizza will match up with any bacon cheeseburger out there. 

BBQ Chicken Bacon Pizza

Yep, there’s bacon here, too. It also features the grilled, all-white chicken breast, which is healthier than their fried counterparts. Then you also have the fresh-sliced onions with the genuine barbeque sauce, and it’s the pizza you get for a nice backyard party or when you’re having fun by the pool. 

Some say that it’s the Smoky Southern-style BBQ sauce with its great tangy taste that really makes a difference here. But with the combination of flavors, you’re in for quite a treat. 

Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Pizza

Okay, not everyone is a fan of the very idea of pineapple on pizza. For some, this is just blasphemous. But if you’re not a strict purist, then give this a try. It might just change your mind. 

Basically, this is the BBQ Chicken Bacon Pizza, just with the pineapple slices added. The addition of the pineapple changes things, but you still get a memorable taste combination with this savory, sweet, and tangy blend. It feels as if the pineapple actually belongs here. 

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