Smart Ways to Deal with Alcoholism that can Help!

Alcoholism can be a difficult problem to deal with! Before you know it, a drink or two, consumed every other day, can become a serious addiction of sorts! You may be resorting to drinking all the time, any time of the day! Staying away from your coveted bottle can seem like a Herculean task!

Of course, there are alcoholics anonymous meetings that can help! These are gatherings where alcoholics congregate and share their problems without having to disclose their identities. They can discuss their issues in complete anonymity. Some of these AA meetings are managed by expert moderators. Moderators are generally those who have successfully countered addiction problems.

But before you can seek help from an AA meeting in New Yorkbegin by acknowledging your problem.

Coming to Terms with your Alcoholism 

In the early stages of alcoholism, denial is generally a huge problem to deal with! Making excuses and dragging one’s feet are common during this phase. It is important to understand, however, that not acknowledging the problem is likely to compound problems even further.

It is important to understand that alcohol problems can be reversed in a single day or overnight. It is a long and gradual process. One has to chalk out a plan and stick to it. A disciplined approach is key!

Some Simple Steps that can Help

If you have accepted your drinking problem and looking for ways to make improvements in your life, the following steps can help:

  1. Getting Rid of all Temptations: Temptations, when easily found around you, can prove to be major triggers. Therefore, removing all bottles, alcohol-related items, articles, and barware from your home is important. Make sure you remove them from your place of work as well as your home to make matters easier for you.
  2. Make your goals public: It is always a good idea to share your goals with others. Let your friends, co-workers, and family members know that you are trying to abstain completely or cut back on your drinking! They will keep reminding you of it if you waver. Every time you digress, they will remind you of your objectives and help you keep away!
  3. Announce your Limits: Make announcements that drinking will not be permissible at home and that you will not attend parties where alcohol will be served! Staying away from gatherings that have alcohol on the agenda!
  4. Stay Away from Bad Influences: Staying away from bad influences is key. You may have friends and colleagues you might be drinking with; staying away from them would be the best alternative, especially during the early days of abstinence. Meeting them too often will only remind you of joyous encounters you may have had over multiple glasses of wine or whisky.
  5. Take a look at your Past: If you have made attempts to remain sober in the past and did not succeed, you need to learn from your mistakes. Ponder upon what worked and what didn’t. This will help in learning important lessons.

Make sure you keep tracking your progress on a sobriety calculator to keep your efforts going!



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