MBA Courses – Get to Know about topics covered in an MBA Class

Master of Business Administration (MBA) is popular as a degree that improves career trajectory and opens doors to lucrative management and administration roles. MBA courses in India are a great career launcher for fresh graduates and working professionals with different academic backgrounds looking forward to working in the business world. An MBA course enables students to familiarise themselves with various aspects of a business landscape by covering core business disciplines.

A master’s degree in business administration is a two-year post-graduate programme covering various subjects to help students become well-versed in business and marketing operations. This article will discuss topics covered in an MBA course that assists prospective business professionals in strategy formulation and decision-making, preparing them for the real business world.

A close look at the subjects covered in MBA

MBA courses are offered in a variety of areas, such as digital marketing, business analytics, data analytics, entrepreneurship, finance, strategy, international business, and human resource management. All MBA programmes aim to expose students to standard curricula tailor-made to equip them with the fundamental skills and knowledge to succeed in business. These core MBA subjects include finance, accounting, marketing, international trade, strategic management, business strategy, and many more. Let’s discuss a few of them

  • Financial Management

Financial Management is one of the basic subjects covered in the MBA curriculum. Working in the business domain requires a sound understanding of finance, budget, and investment. Studying finance helps you prepare financial reports, manage funds, create plans, and direct investment operations.

  • Human Resource Management

Employees are the biggest and most critical asset of an organisation. Hiring and managing employees that work in sync with the organisation’s vision and culture is of utmost importance to succeed in the highly competitive business landscape. Studying human resource management teaches you to attract top talent, develop a comprehensive onboarding process, enhance employee performance, and deal with compliance issues.

  • Marketing Research

Marketing is an indispensable part of the business management process. The sole reason behind marketing is to generate revenue and build brand image. Acquiring marketing research skills is vital to gain an idea of the market before launching a new commodity. Therefore, an MBA curriculum includes marketing research to help students gather data regarding potential customers.

  • Operations Management

Managing a business requires various processes. Operations management is one business area that will help you successfully address business concerns. Studying operations management allows you to address operation-related issues, such as quality, productivity, and supply chain management.

  • Organisational Behaviour 

Organisational Behaviour in MBA is the study of employee interactions and organisational processes. It aims to build a cohesive organisation. Studying organisational behaviour assists in addressing workplace-related issues.


Once you have developed a strong foundation in core business areas, you can smoothly and quickly land a lucrative role in a reputable company. Many business schools in India also offer specialisations in MBA. To register for the course, you can explore top business schools in India.


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