Lucas Kephart- A Combination of Inspiring Coaching and a Leadership

Lucas Kephart is a dedicated and passionate baseball coach who has had a successful career playing and coaching at the Division 1 level. Coaching is an essential component of any athlete’s success, and having a coach who is knowledgeable and passionate about the sport can make a big difference in an athlete’s development.

As a coach, Kephart focuses on teaching the fundamentals of the game, developing effective strategies, and helping his players improve their skills and reach their potential. With his experience as both a player and a coach, he has a wealth of knowledge to share with his athletes and can offer valuable insights into what it takes to succeed at the highest levels of baseball.

Overall, Lucas Kephart is a great example of a successful baseball coach who is making a positive impact on the lives and careers of his athletes.

Set the Example

Lucas Kephart is from Arroyo Grande, California, and attended Arroyo Grande High School. He has an AA Degree in Liberal Arts, a Minor in Social Work, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Education with an emphasis on youth and community studies. While attending Sacramento City College, Lucas had a life-threatening experience with pneumonia that caused him to lose over 30 pounds in just eight days. In addition, he spent 8 days in the Intensive Care Unit. Despite his illness, he returned to the field after only two weeks, which was not the best decision as he had not fully recovered. However, Lucas’s hard work and determination paid off, and after a few months of struggling, he regained his strength.

Lucas then received a scholarship to attend The University of Texas at Austin, where he was awarded the “Male Scholar-Athlete of the Year” award in 2010.

Upon completion of his playing career, he found a new path in baseball as a Student-Assistant Coach to Augie Garrido, the winningest NCAA Division 1 coach of all time. Kephart was able to use his knowledge and experience to become the head catching instructor and assistant hitting coach.

Overall, Lucas Kephart’s journey shows that even when faced with adversity, there are still opportunities to succeed and contribute in different ways.


By recognizing that each player is unique and requires personalized attention, Kephart can help them reach their full potential. By focusing on a combination of physical ability, attitude, effort, and confidence, he can help players become successful. And by providing 1 to 1 training and identifying strengths and areas for improvement, he can tailor his approach to each individual athlete’s needs. Overall, this approach can lead to more effective and efficient player development and can help players achieve their goals in the sport of baseball. For fans eager to witness the growth and success of these talented players, securing Dodgers tickets allows them to experience the thrill of live games while supporting the team’s commitment to player development.

“Those that have a combination of physical ability with a huge passion for the game will be the most successful.”

By providing individualized attention and training, Lucas Kephart can closely assess each athlete’s strengths and areas for improvement, whether it’s related to their physical abilities, mental approach, or skill development. This allows him to create a personalized training program that is tailored to the specific needs of each athlete, which can ultimately help them improve their performance and reach their full potential. By being dedicated to each client, Kephart can ensure that they receive the best possible training and support to enhance their growth and success in the sport of baseball.

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