How to Fit Solid Wooden Flooring

Making sure your outdoor wooden flooring price is set up correctly will save you money very quickly.

Here are 10 key factors to consider when it comes to wood flooring.

  1. Height Allowance
  2. Types of sub-decks
  3. Installation methods
  4. Shadow
  5. Order quantity
  6. The quality and moisture of the tree when it comes
  7. Familiarize yourself with the trees on the site
  8. Zoom in.
  9. The direction of the board
  10. Provision of services

Height Allowance

First, you need to check how the thickness of the new floor and the addition of the base will affect your room. Steps to lower ceilings, terraces or from house to house or leading rooms.

What is underground? In each case, they have seized it, despite obstacles we can scarcely imagine. “Lay a wooden Flooringdubai near the damp, you will waste your time and money. Generally, on the first floor. All the basic things present need moisture problems, so it is important to check the humidity properly. The first floor is small and no precaution is required. Concrete, wooden floors, slabs and old floor boards in different sub-floors. Included.

Installation methods

There are four different methods of installation, each with its own advantages, disadvantages and special applications. Glue: Used on both concrete and slab with smooth and clean surface. Confusion can occur and glue is expensive. Nails: Used on old foundations of wooden shingles, planks and wooden floors. Amazingly long and powerful way, but requires a special nail. Swimming: Swimming on a new deck, not down or sticking. You will need to use a wooden floor for this procedure. Humidity and sound barrier are good, with closed membrane: it looks like a floating floor, but is used on one side below. But beware, if you have no experience with this climbing method, it is very difficult, because the adhesive side is very sticky and if you place the board in the wrong place, you will have great difficulty adjusting it. Will occur

Provides the coverage needed for extended transformation which should be left on your decorative and wooden floor. You can lower the skirt, remove the skirt and return it later, or leave a wide space up to the skirt that covers it.

Number of Orders

Number of Orders: To measure the number of rooms and the number of trees per square meter, you should add at least 5% to your area. Sounds like an unnecessary expense, but inevitable. If you have many corners and small rooms, 10% should be allowed. The last end, then unable to get the right tree.

Tree quality and moisture when it comes

Due to the popularity of wood flooring, it has become a huge industry. The advantage to your user is that it is very competitive. So good quality wood is available at low price but you should not go for low price for the following reasons. After several stages of production, the floorboards were cut and the oven dried. All of these steps cost money and if you don’t think about reducing the cost to the manufacturer, the quality of the final product will be reduced. Unprecedented low cost boards are not cheap in the long run. When it comes to your room, wood moisture should be between 8% and 12%. It is difficult for you to have a wet reader, so it will be difficult to measure. This is the advantage of using a professional. They can guarantee the accuracy of these factors and it is their responsibility to do so. Make sure they do.

Magnification Gaps

This is great. In my experience, people generally appreciate the expansion and contraction of a tree. When the floor is moving and there is no place to enter, it cannot be stopped. If it needs to be spread, it will bind itself and tear down the walls. So it is important that you leave a space on your floor, the floor can be extended, about 15 mm. Please check that this change is compatible with the bottom door.

Site Training

This has long been a controversial topic among floor furniture and my beliefs are based on natural laws. Trees in a very dry to moderate warm room in winter will cause you trouble as soon as they grow in summer months and planting trees with all windows and doors open in summer will cause you a lot of losses in winter. Months under timber contracts. Also, there is no point in planting trees on the construction site at any time of the year.

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