How can creation and originality be leveraged in psychology research and practice?

Psychology is a deep and intricate subject that is concerned with the study of the mind and behaviour. Through psychology, we are able to understand how people think, feel, and act, both individually and in groups. Understanding human behaviour and the mental process requires a lot of research and practice as you have to observe, experiment, analyze and even test theories practically for results. 

Those who are interested to pursue this field can opt for BSc psychology which will give them the necessary knowledge and skills for this field. Psychology is a very vast field and students are supposed to do in-depth research here which requires creativity and originality. Here is how you can apply creativity and originality in psychology research and practice.

Creativity and originality 

Before we go ahead, it is important to understand the difference between creativity and originality. While both are interconnected and often used in the same context, there is some difference between the two. 

Originality is coming up with new ideas but it’s not necessary whether those ideas can be useful or not. Coming up with various new possibilities and brainstorming ideas is originality and this is what is applied in psychological research as well. Generally, originality flourishes in an encouraging environment and is enhanced by a positive mindset. 

Creativity is referred to the ideas that one comes up with that are original and worthwhile. While originality is only focused on being new and unique, creativity refers to ideas that are novel and valuable. 

In psychological research, creativity plays a very substantial role as it can be used to design novel experiments, create theoretical frameworks, and even come up with innovative solutions to complex problems. 

Creative thinking is needed in a psychological researcher to approach different problems from various angles, Using these skills, they can come up with new insights and perspectives. Some of the groundbreaking research work that has been done in the field of psychology is due to creative thinking and originality. 

Being creative and original in psychological research

While being original and creative is necessary for psychological research, one has to work at generating creative ideas and here is how you can implement these two skills in your research and practice. 

Stay open to new ideas 

There is a lot to know and explore in the field of psychology and it is necessary to stay open to new ideas. Only through your willingness to try new things will you be able to explore new theories and perspectives. It will also allow you to challenge the existing assumption and come up with new creative insights. All in all, this will enhance your understanding of human behaviour and mental processes.

Take out time for creativity 

Creativity also needs to be cultivated and you can’t always sit around waiting for creative ideas to just occur. You have to put in the required efforts and mould out creative ideas. That’s why it is necessary to take out time and focus on brainstorming, creating something or even challenging your thoughts with different theories to learn and create something out of the box. 


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