Goa, A Tourist’s Paradise: Worth Visiting Places

Goa has always been a tourist’s paradise. Away from the hustle and bustle of a hectic lifestyle, this place is a gift of seclusion and breath-taking scenic perfection. The magnificent beaches to churches, from cruises to casinos etc. all make Goa a perfect holiday destination. The awesome nightlife, parties, fun, adventure sports, and water sports complement the unbelievable and unparalleled relaxed lifestyle of the serene state. 

Moreover, the lavish hotels and resorts are always at your service to make your trip an unforgettable one. The top luxury resorts like Goa Grand Hyatt are fully equipped with the best amenities and luxurious rooms with all recreational activities from swimming pools to spas, from unwinding private balconies to standing beach views, from thrilling activities such as replying and rope climbing to amazing dining facilities at restaurants with a complete range of national and international cuisines. These efficiently make your stay in Goa a memorable one and are enough to attract you to pay the visit frequently to the luxury of the state.

Here are a few important must-visit tourist attractions in Goa that should be added to your list whenever you wish to explore this dreamy tourist location.

Places That Are Worth Visiting in Goa

  • Starting with the main attractions: The beaches 

Goa is a western state of India with a long-stretched coastline heading alongside the Arabian sea. The area has always been known for its churches spice plantation and magnanimous huge beaches stretching from Baga to Palolem. The beaches here have been the top-rated beaches in Southern India’s smallest state but the unwinding and breathe taking ambience is pristine and glorious that is enough to settle all your anxieties about the leisure of the place. Some of the top-notch beaches in the place include Butterfly, Calangute, Colva, Benaulim, Majorda, Agonda, Candolim and so on. With approximately a total of 25 beaches stretching all along the Arabian Sea, Goa is an affordable tourist destination not only for couples but for all generations. 

  • The church: Basilica de Bom Jesus

Announced as a World Heritage site by UNESCO this Church is located in old Goa and forms a magnificent example of architecture. It is believed that this was built in 16005 and is valued as a most important Christian pilgrim across the world. As per the Christian religion, this place holds Saint Francis Xavier’s mortal remains and their four is valued as a heritage spot.

  • Splendid waterfalls: Dudhsagar

Dudhsagar has been considered one of the splendid Indian waterfalls located roughly at a distance of 60 km from Panjim. Being countries with the highest waterfall this extends to a height of 310 m and is a natural habitat. With the facility of tracking or Rock climbing and swimming this has been a swimmer’s Paradise always.

  • Paliem Lake: Freshwater Lake

This is popular among tourists for being a freshwater lake in the state. With mud all around the lake which is believed to be the cleansing mud, the tourist opts to have a mud bath as it is believed to mount magical charms.

  • Shantadurga temple

Being dedicated to the goddess of peace this sample has been named Shantadurga temple. Located at Kavalem village 33 km from Panaji this temple has the goddess Durga with Shiva and Vishnu on both sides. Moreover, this is a symbol of meditation and a representation of fused Indo-Portuguese architecture. Guest houses on the sides the primary attraction is the golden-coloured Palki. 

  • Municipal Garden, Church Square

Rectangular Park in the Panjim City this municipal garden known as Church Square is a tourist attraction at the time of the feast fair of immaculate Mary conception. This concept Church is in Panaji in the Althino district.

  • Scuba fun at Grande Island

For divers and swimmers, Grande Island is a must-visit tourist attraction. This is the best experience along the side of the Arabian sea and the exciting opportunity to experience the wonders stands unmatched in all terms. With fully equipped hotels and resorts and trained riders to support your experience under the water, this Island is the best place to enjoy with friends and family. 

  • The hot balloon experience at Assolda ground

After scuba sea diving the next indulgence of the state comes in form of a hot air balloon experience at Assolda ground. This provides the tourists with the best experience ever. This is of fun field thrilling activity and must have if you are opting to stay in South Goa. For exploring the coastal serene beauty of the place and embarking on the respective activity one has to begin with an early morning trip. The experience of a hot air balloon is worth your efforts and money spent.

Moreover, the Todo waterfall is famous for trekking expeditions and is the best place to be explored by mountain lovers. Additionally, features and fun-filled activities are always at your service as soon as you pack your bags to catch the flight to Goa.

The choice between North Goa and South Goa depends on your preference 

If you are planning to fly to Goa then it is wise to get information on different must-visit spots and places in Goa that may add to your experience of the trip. Goa is a mix of culture and tourism and is primarily divided into north and south Goa. Where North Goa defines the happening nightlife in the best way, South Goa is peaceful and calm for those looking for peace and serenity. 

North Goa has always been a favourite tourist spot of party lovers while South Goa is rich and culture and the additional Heritage buildings and magnanimous serenity of the place take quietness are beautiful sightseeing to the next level. 

The amazing night Bazaar or sunset market organised each Saturday is a must to experience. Additionally, North Goa is full of the world’s famous beaches that have a surrounded by cafes etc. to booze up and satisfy your musical and dance cravings. The hidden gems like Kakolem beach, Grande Island etc. are the main tourist attractions of the state. From scuba diving to adventure sports and from hot air balloon experience at Assolda ground to waterfall trekking at Todo add on to the fun experience of the Goa trip.

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