Gastric Bypass Surgery For Losing Weight

Gastric Bypass is one of the most effective surgical methods in the treatment of obesity. It is also used for revision of bariatric operations. In this process, stomach size is reduced and fat absorption is lowered. It also prevents diseases such as obesity-related diabetes. Before bypass, the patient’s suitability for surgery should be planned in advance and the process should be well managed.

How to Apply Gastric Bypass

In gastric bypass surgery, the stomach is reduced, just like in sleeve gastrectomy surgery. Approximately 80% of the stomach is bypassed. A part of the stomach, divided into two. After that is attached to the middle of the intestine by bypassing the 12 finger intestines. In the other part, it continues its task by not being removed from the body.

What is the Process After Gastric Bypass

After surgery, patients can easily feel fullness by taking small amounts of food. After a while, this satiety turns into loss of appetite. Total food intake is significantly reduced. Due to that, It is important to use the vitamin and mineral supplements. Thus, the patient can lose weight without losing vitamins and minerals.

What Age is Suitable For Gastric Bypass?

According to the experts patients aged 18 and over are eligible for bariatric surgery. Adolescents have not reached sufficient maturity both physically and psychologically which makes this decision difficult. In cases of severe obesity, It is decided in a committee that includes pediatric endocrinologists and psychologists.
There should be serious indications for bariatric surgery over the age of 65. In this group, the risks and benefits of surgery should be well evaluated and discussed.

Does obesity surgery provide a lifelong treatment?

It has been proven that bariatric surgery eliminates type 2 diabetes, heart disease, osteoarthritis and other obesity-related diseases and significantly prolongs life if permanent lifestyle changes such as daily exercise, low-calorie and fat-free diet are adopted.

Can obesity surgery solve my other problems?

Solving the weight problem with obesity surgery not only treats the patient’s physical ailments, but also improves self-image, raises the level of self-esteem, and provides significant improvement in social relations, business life and relations with the opposite sex.

Gastric Bypass in Turkey

Turkey, with its developed medicine technology provides a safe and budget-friendly gastric bypass operations. If you want to have more information about Gastric bypass in Turkey, with an experienced medical staff Erdem Hospital is qualified to help you.

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