Everything You Need To Know About Applying For A New Zealand Tourist Visa

Are you looking to visit the beautiful country of New Zealand? The process can seem daunting, with all the visa requirements that need to be fulfilled. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about applying for a NEW ZEALAND TOURIST VISA, including eligibility criteria, documents you will need to provide, and more!

What is a New Zealand Tourist Visa?

A New Zealand Tourist Visa allows foreign nationals to travel to New Zealand for tourism purposes. The visa is valid for nine months and permits the holder to stay in New Zealand for a maximum of three months at a time.

To apply for a New Zealand Tourist Visa, applicants must submit a completed application form, along with supporting documentation. This includes proof of identity, such as a passport, and evidence of financial means, such as bank statements or pay slips. Applicants must also provide a letter of invitation from a New Zealand citizen or resident, detailing the purpose of the visit and confirming that accommodation and living expenses will be covered during the stay.

Once the application is received and processed, applicants will be notified of the decision by email. If the visa is granted, they will need to pay the visa fee and arrange for their travel to New Zealand.

Eligibility Requirements for a New Zealand Tourist Visa

To be eligible for a New Zealand tourist visa, you must: NEW ZEALAND VISA FAQ

– Be a citizen of a country that has a visa waiver agreement with New Zealand

– Hold a valid passport

– Be in good health

– Have no criminal convictions

– Meet the character requirements

– Have enough money to support yourself during your stay

– Intend to leave New Zealand at the end of your visit

Tips and Advice on Applying for a New Zealand Tourist Visa

There are a few things you need to know before applying for a New Zealand Tourist Visa. Here are some tips and advice:

  1. Check the requirements. Make sure you meet the requirements for a tourist visa before you start your application. You can find the requirements on the Immigration New Zealand website.
  2. Gather your documents. You will need to provide supporting documents with your application. These might include your passport, proof of travel insurance, and evidence of funds (such as bank statements or payslips).
  3. Complete the application form. The application form can be found on the Immigration New Zealand website. Make sure you answer all the questions truthfully and accurately.
  4. Pay the visa fee. The current visa fee is $160 NZD (or $400 NZD for a multiple-entry visa). You can pay by credit card, debit card, or bank transfer.
  5. Submit your application online or by post. Once you have completed your application and gathered all the required documents, you can submit it online through the Immigration New Zealand website or by post to their office in Wellington, New Zealand.

Frequently Asked Questions About the New Zealand Tourist Visa

  1. How long does the New Zealand tourist visa process take?

The entire process, from start to finish, can take up to two weeks. However, most people will receive a decision on their application within a few days.

  1. How much does the New Zealand tourist visa cost?

There is no fee for the New Zealand tourist visa. However, you may need to pay a processing fee if you use an immigration agent or lawyer to help with your application.

  1. What documents do I need to provide with my New Zealand tourist visa application?

When you apply for a New Zealand tourist visa, you’ll need to provide:

-Your passport or other travel document, which must be valid for at least three months beyond your planned date of departure from New Zealand

-A completed visitor’s visa application form

-Two recent passport-sized photographs of yourself

-Evidence of your onward travel plans, such as return airfares or proof of sufficient funds

-Evidence of accommodation in New Zealand, such as hotel reservations

-Any other supporting documentation that may be required, such as evidence of your ties to your home country (e.g., employment letter, family ties)

  1. Can I work while I’m on a New Zealand tourist visa?

No. The New Zealand tourist visa is for people who want to visit the country for tourism purposes only. If you want to work in New Zealand,


Applying for a New Zealand tourist visa is an easy process, and this article should have given you all the information you need to complete it successfully. Make sure that you fulfill all of the requirements and submit your application in time. And most importantly, once your visa has been approved, ensure that you enjoy every moment of your trip!


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