Here’s why a Cocoa Beach Vacation with family is just what you were looking for!

Cocoa Beach has all it takes to make a real chilled-out vacation near me. It has dolphins frolicking in the waves, manatees lolling about in the canals, and gorgeous vistas comprising colorful confetti of beach umbrellas dotting the sands of Cocoa Beach.

Those with sea legs will be spoilt for choice in this barrier island city on the eastern coast of Florida. The bewildering array of options to choose from includes kiteboarding, kitesurfing, Hydrofoil, Wingfoil, Standup Paddle (SUP) boarding, wakeboarding, kayaking, and many, many more! You surely will get a multitude of ways to blow your hair back.

Not just that, you can also watch a rocket launch into space from Cape Canaveral nearby – can you just imagine the excitement galore?

Relaxing Rentals

Not everyone wants a rush all the time! Those who wish to ease the flow of adrenaline can try to rent a house here. Barely an hour’s drive from the theme parks of Orlando, a house rental in Cocoa Beach gives you the best of both worlds: relaxing under the sun at the nearby beach or enjoying a thrilling adventure tour! You’d surely like to return to the warmth of a spacious home after a wondrous day of excitement.

Tantalizing Tours

The daily eco-tours to the Thousand Islands offer the opportunity to see mesmerizing flocks of beautiful birds, majestic manatees, and playful dolphins. Kayaking through the Mangrove tunnels under an expert’s guidance will make this experience a truly enjoyable one.

There are organized bioluminescent kayaking tours as well. These trips are usually planned closer to sunset time, allowing you to soak in the golden beauty of the area in gradually vanishing sunlight. The shimmering lights of the dusk reflect on the gentle waves – adding to its glorious charm.

And amidst this bewitching natural ambiance, you witness the amazing phenomenon of bioluminescence – an esoteric experience, to say the least! The best time for this kind of experience is during the New Moon phase. Do remember to keep an eye out for jellyfish that glow in the dark. If you’re in luck, you may see glowing jellyfish all around your kayak on a moonless night – surely a sight to behold and remember for the rest of your life!

Other Attractions

Incidentally, ‘One of its kind’ – the world’s largest surf shop, ‘Ron Jon Surf Shop’ displaying the best selections of surf, skate, swim, and beach essentials are right here. Do not forget that Ron Jon t-shirts make the best souvenirs for family and friends!

There is a variety of good eating places sprinkled all around here. On offer are options that range from fine dining (indoors and outdoors) to the typical ‘lip-smacking’ street food. Those who love fresh seafood can pig out on the seafront -your palate would definitely thank you for this culinary outing!

So, if you have been thinking of a vacation to Cocoa Beach, FL – look no further! Plan today!

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