Killing Bites Season 2

Will Killing Bite be back for a second season? When can Fans Expect a Deadly Delay 2? Killing (Japanese: Kiringu Baitsu) is a Japanese action, anime science fiction series based on the manga series of the same name. The manga was written by Shinya Murata and illustrated by Kazuasa Sumita. So far, the manga has … Read more

Ugly Cartoon Characters – Top 6 Ugly Cartoon Characters 2024

Examples of Ugly Cartoon Characters

There are several famous examples of ugly cartoon characters. One of the most popular is the Simpsons sisters, whom Matt Groening described as “life suckers”. In the Pixar animation series, Edna Mode is the ugliest character. She is a fashion designer who wears matronly outfits. Another example is the real-life actress Susan B. Anthony, who … Read more


All through the whole presence of PC games, a few games have essentially influenced the manifestations that came after them, yet whose names have been deleted. Tetris gave assurance to bewildering games with the stir it started, laying out the foundation for super Mario 64 3D movement games. Regardless, despite the tremendous impact they have … Read more

Try SLOTXO Play for Free

In this article, we will discuss some of the advantages of slotxo as a casino gaming platform. We’ll also cover the various ways you can enjoy free games on this site. In addition, we’ll touch on the customer support team’s assistance. You’ll be able to find out whether or not SLOTXO has a great customer … Read more

Faculty of Communication – Digital Game Design

With the development of mobile platforms and internet technologies, computer games have become quite widespread in our country as well as all over the world, and have become a popular medium consumed by large masses regardless of gender and age.   The ‘ Digital Game Design Undergraduate Program ‘, which will be a pioneer with its … Read more