Faculty of Communication – Digital Game Design

With the development of mobile platforms and internet technologies, computer games have become quite widespread in our country as well as all over the world, and have become a popular medium consumed by large masses regardless of gender and age.  

The ‘ Digital Game Design Undergraduate Program ‘, which will be a pioneer with its approach that brings together different disciplines such as art, technology, and economy under the roof of design in our country and Istanbul, aims to provide qualified human resources to the sector and to achieve success both at local and global level by creating creative, innovative projects and teams. Aims. 

The Digital Game Design Undergraduate Program, opened under the Faculty of Communication, not only brings together the fields of software, art, and design in the light of an interdisciplinary approach but also offers an interdisciplinary study environment throughout our university, especially the Faculty of Engineering and Education.

Students, who will meet in infrastructure courses in the first year, take their first steps towards specialization by choosing one of the software and art verticals under the roof of design in line with their abilities in their second year. The students who will cross paths again in the project courses turn into game teams and produce together under the supervision of our teaching staff. Domestic and international internships to be carried out through the COOP system and BUG sectorial communication network within our university, which allows students to come together with the business world during their education, reinforce their experience of the students and update their knowledge. 

In addition to the University Game Laboratory (BUG) established within the Faculty of Communication and the Game Design Graduate Program (Master BUG) established under the Social Sciences Institute, the European game scene activity center BUG Berlin, game production studio BUG Pro formations directly contribute to the program.  

This program, which makes an effective difference by working in integration with Cry engine Academy, which was established in partnership with the world game giant Cytec, and the virtual reality incubation center VR First BAU, is a pioneer for our country. 

Students and graduates can benefit from the ever-expanding international connections of the department and its wide sectorial communication network; they get the chance to meet with investors by establishing their teams, developing projects, and applying to acceleration programs such as Game boot camp Istanbul, a starter’s hub initiative that we also support. 

This program, which offers all stages of game production both theoretically and practically, to anyone whose dream is to design a game, creates the opportunity for its students to realize their goals in a global sector.

The Digital Game Design Department, which brings together designers and software developers under the roof of the Faculty of Communication, accepts students with an MF4 score. Applications are accepted and scholarships are provided.


2021 Digital free credit (เครดิตฟรี) Game Design rankings and base scores have been announced. 2021 TYT AYT (YKS) Base Points and Success Rankings are the university placement scores and rankings for 2020. You can choose by comparing your score and ranking for 2021.

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