Why Starting A Business Is Better Than Jobs? 5 Reasons

Business is for the people who love to lead, who are responsible enough, and are more likely to take risk in their lives and jobs are for those people who want their money to be secured, who want their balanced life, who can only work whenever someone there to guide them, do not like to unbalance their lives and take risks!

business and job

So some people support jobs and some business. However nowadays entrepreneurship is increasing day by day and why is entrepreneurship better than job there are many reasons; some of them are discussed in the article. We have compared both and delivered the true facts to our audience so let’s proceed further this article on CBS News!

  1. Amount of money you can earn

Talking about the jobs; they have fixed salary from starting till the end. You have only one chance to grow and that is promotion and promotion is also limited although you earn good at starting as well as in future in many jobs but there are always limits.

But in business you may earn less or even no money at starting but once you start earning you have many choices to earn more and more. There are no limits. You can earn as much as you want or as much as you work harder and expand your business worldwide.

  1. Age limits

Jobs have age limits like no one can work under 18 or above 60. What will you do if you’re above 60? Just lay at your bed and be burden on your children and why not under 18 if you want to earn? While business doesn’t have age limits whenever you want you can do.

  1. Time restrictions

Jobs are nine to five duty everyday with same routine, same tasks, same people, same environment, while if you own a business you handle different tasks of your business, meet different people, and no time restrictions. Whenever you want to come office you can come and whenever you want to go you can go and even if you want to have a family or friends time you can have without submitting a leave or application.

  1. Your work for……?

If you do a job you work hard day and night and sacrifice your peace but all that hard work is for someone else. Someone else is taking credit and making his position more strong in the market but if you own your own business every minor success is yours. Whenever your business does well it is your success. You make your own recognition and name in the market.

  1. You are your boss

This point is added in this list because self satisfaction and happiness is very important that is why you are earning! that is why all the efforts human make!

so you should be happy for what you are doing. If you are happy with your job you should continue with your job but according to research 80% of people are not satisfied with their jobs because they do not have freedom to work as they want while business owners you can try these out are there own boss they work as they want!


If someone is happy doing a job; better for that person but overall business is much better opportunity as compared to job and we have proven that in our article.

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