Why Opt for a Bootcamp Course in Motion Graphics?

If you want to succeed in the field of visual design, you can’t do so without learning motion graphics. This domain equips you with tools to create intricate animations and edit them for motion pictures, advertisements, short videos, etc. 

The meaning of motion graphics lies in its term. It is nothing but graphics in motion. As a motion graphics student, you learn how to create animated images and layer them on Photoshop or Illustrator, or other such tools. This animates otherwise static images. 


What is a Bootcamp Motion Graphics Course?

The term bootcamp is synonymous with foundational. In simple terms, a bootcamp motion graphics course is a starter course that imparts foundational knowledge of the theory, tools and techniques for motion graphics. 

By enrolling in a bootcamp motion graphics course offered by a renowned institution, you will be able to produce professional quality motion graphics for different production formats. 


Why Opt for Bootcamp Motion Graphics Course?

If you want to work as a visual artist for films, media houses, marketing and advertising agencies, or any other communicative platform, a bootcamp motion graphics course is imperative. Here’s why:


  1. High Demand

Students with a foundational knowledge of motion graphics are always in high demand for creating commercials, YouTube videos, explainer videos, fund films, motion pictures, web series, and billboards. – basically, every digital platform. 

Safe to say that from a big media house to a mid or small-size business, everybody wants a motion graphics professional to craft media stories. Not only do motion graphics professionals work in the entertainment industry but also in the banking and finance sector, gaming industry, aviation industry, and other sectors that require visual communication.

With multiple applications of motion graphics across domains, an individual who has completed a bootcamp course in motion graphics is simply never out of work.   


  1. High Paying Sector 

Since the demand for motion graphic designers is more than their supply, they enjoy a substantial pay scale. Even with less than a year’s experience, these professionals can make up to Rs. 2.5 lakhs per year. The jump is even more significant once they have garnered a year of experience. 

However, do keep in mind that this income figure is an approximation and, depending on a designer’s portfolio and formal training, can be higher right from the get-go.


  1. Work-Life Balance

Since you can create motion graphics from any location and at any time, it offers an excellent work-life balance. As long as you adhere to long-term deadlines for deliverables or turning-in projects, you can work at your pace.

With this professional qualification in hand, you can also launch your own practice or firm and further ensure a healthy work-life balance. 


The Bottom Line

A bootcamp course in motion graphics helps you lay roots to a successful career in animation, VFX, and other visual formats. 

If you’re looking for a renowned institution to pursue motion graphics, study the motion graphics course at Edge Metaversity. The 3-month long motion graphics boot camp at Pearl Edge can introduce you to motion graphics and teach you all the critical tools of the trade. 

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