Best Maintenance Plugins for WordPress

Launching a perfect WordPress website is far from an easy job. Sometimes it simply takes time to put everything together and have visual and functional elements in place. It goes the same for the updates you might have from time to time.

In any case, showing your users a page that isn’t finished will not leave the best impression. On the other hand, Spending more time and resources on creating a maintenance page is probably not the best idea, so one might wonder – What is the solution?

Like with almost all of the problems with WordPress websites, the solution is in a plugin! This is why we are listing some of the best maintenance plugins for WordPress!

WP Maintenance found its way to the top of this list since it comes with a gallery of more than 20 beautiful and professionally looking themes. Visual drag and drop builder will help you include additional modules available in the plugin.

Modules that come with the plugin can help you display the physical address with the map, countdown timer, progress bar, videos and social media icons. There is also a massive gallery of photos available with only a few clicks.

Combine this with your logo, and catchy headline and you just got yourself a perfect maintenance page.


UnderConstructionPage is a very powerful and easy-to-use maintenance plugin. It comes with more than 300 templates that you can use for your pages, a big photo gallery, and a drag-and-drop builder with which you can combine different elements to get the perfect page.


The real gold of this plugin is not visible to the visitors but rather to the website administrator. It comes with affiliate and traffic tracking features which are great things to have if you monetize your traffic with affiliate links.

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode comes with more than 170 themes that you can use to build coming soon pages, landing pages, and so much more. Compared to other plugins on this list, it also comes with a rich photo library and drag-and-drop page builder.

Since it is also used for landing pages, this plugin comes with SEO tests that can help you rank better in search results. If you get the most of your traffic organically, it is great to have guidelines and checks available from the WordPress dashboard!

Final thoughts

Now that you know more about how the best maintenance plugins for WordPress work and what are their features, be sure you use them next time you decide to launch a new feature on your website.

Make sure you experiment with different elements available to get the most out of your maintenance page – maybe it is a perfect occasion to start collecting emails from your visitors or invite them to follow you on your social media.

Using the plugins we listed will allow you to put together professionally-looking maintenance pages in a matter of minutes. Pressure from finishing and launching new pages and whole websites will decrease, and your interaction with visitors will increase!


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