Best Airport and Ports For Indian eVisa Entry, Exit: Best Options In India

If you are planning to visit India, make sure you have the right visa and documentation in order. In this article, we will be discussing the best airports and ports in India for obtaining an Indian eVisa as well as the best times to travel.

India eVisa Entry Ports

There are many different factors to consider when choosing an airport and port for Indian eVisa entry, exit. The best options in India vary depending on your destination and travel needs. Indian eVisa Airport and Seaports for Entry

If you’re traveling to smaller Indian cities, the best option might be an airport close to your destination. This will make getting around town easier, and you’ll avoid long travel times between the airport and the city.

For destinations in the larger states of India, a more central airport is usually better. This gives you more options for transportation and accommodation once you arrive. Additionally, it’s likely that there are more flights available at a centrally located airport.

Travellers who are flying into India from abroad will want to consider both the country’s visa requirements and the airport they’re departing from. Some airports have strict rules about what type of visa you need, while others accept most types with no problem at all. Check with your airline or travel provider to find out which airports in India accept which types of visas before making your final decision about where to fly in or out of. Indian eVisa ports allowed for exit

India eVisa Exit

India is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. With over 1.3 billion people, India has a lot to offer tourists.

The best airport and ports for Indian eVisa entry, exit are as follows:



There are many other options for visa entry into India, but these are some of the best options.

Indian Visa on Arrival

There are a few things you should know before you travel to India to apply for an Indian eVisa. First, make sure that the airport you’re flying into is one of the approved ports of entry for Indian nationals. Second, be aware that the application process can take some time, so be prepared to wait a few weeks or even months. Finally, remember that not all airports in India are approved for visa-free entry, so be sure to check the list before you go.

If you’re traveling through an airport not on the approved list, your best bet is to apply for an eVisa at the embassy in your home country. You’ll need your passport and visa application form (available online or at most Indian embassies), as well as proof of onward travel (flight tickets, hotel reservations). The embassy may also require letters of invitation from friends or family in India.


For those wishing to travel to India and have a hassle-free trip, airports such as Mumbai and Delhi offer excellent entry and exit options for Indian eVisas. Not only are these airports well-connected, but they also offer great customer service when it comes to visa processing. Additionally, other popular ports of call in India include Goa, Chennai, Kochi, and Kolkata.


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