Are you Suffering from Cocaine Addiction?

Cocaine is a highly addictive substance. Before you know it, you can get addicted to a point of no return. If you are seeking the substance way too often for combating stress or enhancing energy levels, for instance, it’s time for a quick reality check. We take a look at some essential steps to be undertaken for determining cocaine addiction!

Identifying the Problem with the Help of Usage Patterns 

  1. Why did you begin consuming cocaine?Identifying why the substance was needed is key in determining how to overcome the urge to consume it more often. Was there a specific stress event in the family? Were you negotiating failures, heartbreaks, or similar life-changing events? All these aspects need to be taken into account.
  2. Why are you Reconsidering your Actions?The very fact that you think you are into an addiction problem and are reconsidering your actions could mean that cocaine is causing some sort of problems for you. What are these? Are there financial, legal, or relationship issues stemming from cocaine? Are you contemplating heading to a New York drug rehab center or calling an addiction hotline to deal with these problems alone? Are you facing health issues? Finding answers to all these questions is important!
  3. Why might you have continued consumption?–Certainly, you were aware of the disadvantages of welcoming the cocaine habit! Why, then, did you continue consumption? What makes you stick to a substance that could potentially destroy your life forever? The reason for continued consumption should first be dealt with to combat the addiction problem.

Identify your Support System

Once you have identified the problem, re-evaluate your support system. Primarily, there are three types of people in the life of an addict. These include:

The Ones that Would Help with Zero Judgment: These are your closest friends and

your family members who are likely to feel extremely happy because you have

decided to steer clear of addiction. These people are the best suited for you!

The Ones that Begin Avoiding you: Some friends remain, friends, only as long as the

sun shines. These are the ones that cannot cope with you as an addict, and therefore

they are not likely to be of any help during this addiction phase.

The Ones that Hinder your Progress: There would be the so-called “friends” who

may not be happy with you for quitting. These are typically dealers or drug addicts,

and they certainly do not want you to quit! These are the people you need to get rid

of unceremoniously!

Stick to the people who have a positive influence in your life and steer clear from the judgmental lot who have nothing more to offer apart from criticism. The latter bunch can be extremely harmful to your self-esteem.

Look for Help

Once the problem has been identified and the support systems established, it is time to call a “drug rehab near me” and discuss your problem with the executive consultant on the other side. You may require in-patient or out-patient treatment regimes depending on the severity of your case.

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