Ambassador’s Daughter Episode 49 Summary: The surprising decision

Ambassador’s Daughter Episode 49 Summary: As our loved ones prepare for the birth of a new family member, Halise makes a surprising decision. Meanwhile, Gediz and Sedat continue their plans to shuffle between the protagonists. What will happen in the end? We are approaching the grand finale, you know. So every wrong move is many times more serious, because there will be no time for recovery for them.

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So Mavi is pregnant. And in the end, he wants to keep the baby, as we know from the previous episode. Sancar is very happy, and Melek joins them in this general joy. There would be one more problem: Halise. If the 3 of them get along very well, Sancar’s mother has another fish dish, unfortunately. But Mavi wants to get rid of the dissensions between them once and for all. So he thinks of inviting her to them. Thus, she may manage to sweeten her relationship with Sancar. After all, the relationship between mother and son should never be so awful. Are you loving it while getting the story and updates about the most popular seriale turcesti show. If yes, then we are also providing you multiple more seriale turcesti tv shows which you watch freely.

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Halise gladly accepts. And not only that, but as time goes on, she pretends to be wrong. And, to make up for it, he invites all 3 to the mansion. Mavi must be protected, and Sancar and Melek must be by her side. In reality, however, all a woman wants is to attract ours, in order to see how she can no longer become a mother. And everything, at the urging of the 2, Sedat and Guven.


So Halise played theater again. Although at first glance, she seems to understand the love between her son and Mavi, in reality, she is only good in form. He wants to see his interest: to separate them. The plan is simple: having Mavi on her nose, under her nose, it will be much easier for her to set up everything possible to make her no longer a mother.

And yet… something wakes up in her. Did he become so backward that he wished evil to a poor child? And, where else do we say it’s her boy’s baby? We don’t know exactly what’s going on, but it’s certain that Halise gives up all of a sudden. He no longer wants to be an enemy of the two, but, on the contrary, to help them. AND not only that. This change is so powerful for her that she thinks of all the harm done to Zehra and Kavruk. And he decides to bring them back.

Ambassador’s Daughter Episode 49 Summary: Yahya is still trying

As he told her in front of him, Yahya will never stop trying to make Elvan want him. Even if the young woman may not want to, he is always attentive to her. He definitely wants Elvan to stay in the house he rented, with Gediz, Kahraman’s boy, whom she decides to adopt.

Sedat wants to use Dudu, but Sancar tells her to stay away from him, that he is a bad man. But the individual does not stop and stalks Zehra and Kavruk. She goes to save Mavi, but on her own you realize that she has no chance in front of her ex-husband. When he sees that he is missing, Sancar thinks about what is worse and goes to Sedat. He uses his weapon and things change. We will find out what follows in future episodes. Until then, come on Facebook.

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