A Quick Guide to Buying Aa New Smart TV

With many technological advancements and the introduction of new services, features, and integrations, TV has become a part of our daily lives. In early times, it was a simple big or small TV from a well-known brands, and people would choose and buy one. Now, it is a lot different. Today you have many different things to consider and literally hundreds of options to choose from. As a result, buying a new TV has become serious work, and it may take several hours, if not days, to finalize an option. 

MoreoverAdditionally, you also have to consider your TV cable servicesconnection, such as DirectvDIRECTV, Xfinity TV, DISH TV, and many more. It is so because not every TV supports every connection or integration.  

What You Should Look Forfor?

Whether you want to stream the football game or watch the new hit series on-demand, you will must have some understanding of which is the best option for you by the end of this article. So, let’s not waste time and carry on to see some things to look out for when buying a new smart TV.

Budget Range

First things first, you have to set a budget for the new TV. However, with many new companies emerging and bringing innovations to the television market, TV prices have significantly dropped. 

For a thousand dollars or less, you can find a decent 40-inch, 42-inch, or even 60+-inch LED TV, loaded with smart features and whatnot. If your budget allows you to spend some more, then a maxed-out home theater + TV combo will cost you around or more than 1500 bucks. However, more money doesn’t always mean bigger sizes. Many TVs might cost 1000 dollars and still be less than 50 inches in size, but they will have better contrast, colors, saturation, and more. 

So, it is best to set a total budget and look for a few options online. 

Screen Size

The next thing to think about is the screen size of the TV, which also depends on its location, like the lounge or bedroom. Before, it was like the bigger the screen size, the more space it occupied along with big boxes. Now, we have paper-thin TV screens that could give a theatre feel. 

However, if you are looking for a TV for your lounge, then a a size of 40more than 40+ inches but less than 100 100-inch TV screen would suffice. Still, a 100-inch TV would be for a villa-size lounge, and a 40 or -inch – 70-inch TV will do just fine.

Screen Resolution

TV screen resolution completely depends on your needs and demands, as higher pixels give more crisp pictures and angles than a lower resolution. Still, a 1080p resolution TV is a must-have in recent times. 

Moreover, many TVs have upscaling upscale features that increase the low-resolution image and present it in much better quality. 

Another thing of concernto consider is if the TV is LED or OLED. LED TVs are backlit as light shines through crystals and shows images, while in OLED TVs, each individual pixel illuminates to give far better picture quality. As a result, OLED TVs are much more expensive than LED TVs.

Connectivity Options

Now you have finalized the major parts, and only the last few things remain. One such thing is connectivity options on your TV. These include: 

  • Cable connections (HDMI is a preferable choice)
  • Ports on the back (at least 2 HDMI, sound bar port, TV box port, USB port, and other essential ports are a must-have)
  • Connectivity (Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity for speakers and headphones is a plus point)

Remote Control

Don’t prefer a good remote over a good TV. Make the final choice for TV solely according to the above considerations, and not because you loved its remote. Even after you have purchased a TV but don’t like the remote or its functionality, don’t worry; you have plenty of options from third parties that are far better than the original ones. 


Last but not least, the final piece of the puzzle is the warranty statement. For that, purchasing a TV from an authorized dealer is always advised to get full warranty coverage. Most big names in the market offer a nationwide manufacturer’s warranty, plus chat and email support to get an update on the TV’s status. 

Final Takeaway

These are the top points to consider when buying a new TV for your home or office. Finally, everything depends on your requirements. However, we want to clarify that whichever TV you finalize, ensure your TV cable connection is supported and will work seamlessly. Most top TV providers ISPs like Directv’s DIRECTV services work with almost every TV set. Still, it is better to consult their customer service (also available as DIRECTV servicio al cliente for assistance in Spanish). 

After this problem is resolved, you are good to buy the TV and watch or stream your favorite channels, shows, and movies, all in one place – with ease. 




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