A Guide to Buying the Perfect Dinner Plates

If one thinks all plates are created equal—or even that they have to be round—think again! There are tons of different shapes, styles, and materials to choose from when it comes time for the next purchasing decision (and let’s be real—selecting them is not easy). So how does one pick out the perfect one? Dinner plates are delicate pieces made with patience and artistic choices. Here are a few ways to choose the best one for a house.

Consider texture and colour.

  • Texture and colour are essential when choosing a dinner plate. The right colour will set off the table, and the texture will complement it.
  • If one is looking for something more contemporary, consider pairing organic materials with sleek forms. For example, a white plate with an all-natural wooden base is an elegant yet simple way to connect home decor to nature.
  • If one is looking for something more traditional, consider pairing ceramic or porcelain plates with wrought iron bases. These materials have been popular since ancient times because they pair naturally with each other while offering a clean look that works well in most settings.

Find plates that are easy to clean.

The perfect plates should be easy to clean. Buy an oven-safe dinnerware set to remove all these problems in minutes! This process will ensure that all the cookware will last longer because it won’t scratch fastly when washed in the sink or put into an electric appliance such as an oven or microwave. If one uses ovens with temperature settings higher than 250 degrees Fahrenheit (121 degrees Celsius), ensure that the dinner plates can withstand this heat level, too.

Think about durability.

When looking for plates, think about what will happen to them. Are they going to be used in a household with kids? One will need something durable enough to withstand the abuse that comes with kids. Also, ensure the dinner plate can handle the heat from the microwave. 

Some people prefer not to use plastic in the microwave because it tends to melt or warp when exposed to heat; Choose a quality ceramic plate instead of the other plates that are not microwave-safe. 

Buy plates that can fit in the dishwasher.

Another important consideration when buying a dinner plate is whether or not it is dishwasher-safe. If one needs more time to hand-wash all your dishes, this is a critical aspect to pay attention to.

To determine if a plate is dishwasher safe, look at the bottom of the ceramics and read its label. If there is no dishwasher symbol listed on the bottom, one should use other methods to clean them thoroughly instead of putting them through an automatic cycle in the dishwasher.

Know what kind of styles and aesthetics to choose.

Dinner plate designs are straightforward. There is one primary shape and a few different sizes to choose from. Most of the time, one decides between a round plate or an oval plate (or potentially something else), depending on their aesthetic preferences.

Depending on what kind of space is available in the kitchen and dining area, it’s helpful to have specific ideas about how large one wants their plates to be. Consider what kind of styling goes best with the rest of the decor; if a lot is going on in the kitchen or dining room already, then something simple will work best so as not to

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