Top 7 Games to Play on Android Tablets

Gamers are still skeptical about unusual games. Some are afraid to try games at the best live casino, others are convinced that games on tablets can’t be interesting. Some of them are convinced that you should look for quality projects only on consoles or PCs.


But on tablets, there is always something to play. And these games are often not inferior in quality to their counterparts for other platforms. Some titles were ported from computers and consoles, and some games were created especially for tablets with large screens. Here are the best games for the tablet, among which everyone will find something to their liking.


If you’ve heard of Minecraft, you’ll know exactly what Terraria is all about. The game brings the famous building process to the two-dimensional plane and allows you to fight monsters. To win, you will have to level up for a long time and mine resources to use them to create good equipment.

Monument Valley

Meditative and very beautiful puzzle game, which is based on the manipulation of perspective. With a single mouse click, the player can move parts of the levels through which to guide your character from the starting point to the end point. Nice music, unstressful gameplay and beautiful graphics will help to relax at any moment.

Genshin Impact

The player will have to assemble a team of characters with which to explore a large open world, as well as to pump up the skills of these characters. Genshin Impact has been one of the most popular games not only on smartphones and tablets, but also on PC and PlayStation, and even on mobile devices providing amazing graphics quality comparable to the “big” projects.

Shadowrun Returns

A role-playing game in an unusual world where magic and magical creatures intersect with technology from the future. The player chooses the origin and abilities of his hero, and then arrives in the city, where he investigates the murder of his friend.

World of Goo

Not the newest, but still interesting and captivating puzzle game. The essence of the game is the construction of objects from small living lumps. They are connected to each other with different rules, and also they move involuntarily and because of that can break all your plans.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

A classic role-playing game in the world of Star Wars. Although the original is almost 20 years old, Knights of the Old Republic is still one of the main games about the famous far-away galaxy. The action takes place almost 4 thousand years before the events of George Lucas movies. The story centers on a Jedi who has lost his memory, gathers a team, tries to remember his origins, and fights the Forces of the Dark Side.

The phenomenon of the game is the excellent role-playing system, which gives the player a wide range of action choices. Each dialogue affects the development of the story and character. Moreover, in battles, the player also decides for himself, the abilities of which side of the Force to use: the light or dark side.

Asphalt 9

Dynamic, bright and beautiful races are back in the new part of the legendary Asphalt series. Players are still invited to race on the most modern cars on tracks created on the basis of real cities. However, the races themselves are slightly beyond reality, because to win here you will have to gain unreal speed and make crazy jumps on ramps.

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