5 Great Movies That You Will Definitely Like

Movies play a big role in the life of every person, and especially the moviegoer. Movies allow us to have fun or cry while reliving the story of the characters. However, recently fewer and fewer good films have been released on the screen. Those films that everyone will definitely like and improve their mood.

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Boîte Noire

Modest Mathieu serves as an aviation analyst in the French Bureau of flight Management. His unique hearing helps him not only to decipher flight recorders, but also to identify problems by the sound of working equipment. But the bosses don’t really like the meticulousness with which Mathieu gets to the bottom of the reasons, because it prevents them from quickly issuing a conclusion. Therefore, when the Dubai-Paris plane crashes in the Alps with three hundred passengers on board, they are very reluctant to hand over the case to him – this is the largest case in recent years, and Mathieu will always delay the process.


They turn out to be right, a meticulous analyst quickly finds something suspicious in the recordings from the flight recorder and begins to dig in a direction objectionable to the authorities.


Don’t Look Up

Graduate student Kate Debiaski accidentally discovers that a huge asteroid is heading straight to Earth, and immediately informs Professor Mindy about it. Together they make calculations and realize with horror that the collision will happen in some six months, and if the asteroid is not knocked off the trajectory, then all living things will die out like dinosaurs.


Urgently, a graduate student and a professor go to the White House to raise the ears of the government and NASA, but they find out that up there, no one cares about this news. The social media-obsessed public cannot be swayed either. Astronomers are close to despair.


Boss Level

Every morning, Roy Pulver begins with an attack by a killer, and then you have to fight off other mercenaries. And this has been repeated so many times that one could get used to it if it were not for the sad result – he is killed every time.


Who are all these people who want to kill him, how his person aroused their interest and how to stop this diabolical repetition, the hero does not know. And there is not enough time to figure it out, because the farce begins as soon as he opens his eyes. Nevertheless, he continues to make attempts to survive in this hellish day, in order to find out about the fate of his loved ones and try to get his old life back.


The Unforgivable

After twenty years in prison for the murder of a cop, Ruth Slater is released Because she is still under police supervision, she needs to get a job and behave roughly, but people are suspicious of ex-criminals, so Ruth has to put more effort into being like everyone else.


But there are things that concern her more than the attitude of society – Ruth wants to see her younger sister, who was adopted by another family after her arrest. And while she is making plans, her enemies are looking for an opportunity to get to her, they believe that 20 years in prison is too little for her crime.


The Last Letter from Your Beloved

  1. London. Amnesiac rich woman Jennifer Stirling is having a hard time getting used to her normal life. Larry’s husband is just a stranger to her, with whom nothing connects, because they have no children. One day, Mrs. Stirling finds a cache of love letters from a certain Booth in her room and this find revives her interest in life. It turns out that before the accident she had a secret admirer or lover!


Now Jennifer is going to find out everything about her life before the accident and try not to arouse her husband’s suspicions. Then the plot takes the viewer to our time, where one of the letters addressed to Jennifer is found in the archive by journalist Ellie. She can’t wait to find out how the romantic story of the lovers ended from the correspondence, but it’s not so easy to find the rest of the letters.

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