5 Definable Features To Look For When Buying A Fountain Pen

When you’re shopping for a fountain pen, it’s important to consider the features that will make the pen stand out from the rest. After all, you don’t want to spend your money on a pen that won’t be worth using. Below are five definable features that you should look for when buying a made in USA fountain pen: 

Materials Used in Fountain Pens

When shopping for a fountain pen, it is important to look for materials that are made in the USA. While many pens are made of plastic or metal, there are a few types of pens where the pen body and/or cap is made from wood.

Wooden pens can be special and unique, and some people prefer them because they feel that they give a more personal touch to the writing experience. It is important to consider the type of wood used in a wooden pen before making your purchase. Some woods used for pens include teak, mahogany, cherry, walnut, and oak.

Another factor to consider when purchasing a wooden fountain pen is the quality of the wood. Make sure to check out the grain pattern and make sure that it looks like it will hold up over time. Also, make sure that the pen’s joints are properly sealed so that moisture cannot get inside and cause damage to the wood.

If you’re looking for a special gift for someone who loves writing instruments, a wooden fountain pen might be the perfect choice.

Nibs and Finishes

There are a few definable features to look for when buying a fountain pen. The first is the quality of the nib. Second is the finish, which can include anything from anodized aluminum to hand-polished brass. Finally, it’s important to consider how well the pen writes and whether or not it has any special features or qualities that make it desirable.

Nibs and finishes are two of the most important factors to consider when buying a pen made in the USA.

Quality of the Nib

The quality of the nib is one of the most important features to look for when buying a pen made in America. American pens are known for their high-quality, finely-tuned nibs. Some of the best-known American penmakers are Parker, Sheaffer, and Waterman.

Some American pens use gold or platinum nibs, which are especially prized for their smooth writing characteristics. Other American pens use steel nibs, which offer a more rugged writing experience.

Regardless of the type of nib, all American pens are typically well-crafted and offer a great writing experience.


The finish on an American pen is another important factor to consider. American pens often have hand-polished brass or aluminum finishes, which give them a more luxurious look than counterparts made in other countries.

Additionally, some American pens may have anodized aluminum finishes, which give them a military-grade appearance. Finally, some American pens may have limited editions with unique finishes that are not available elsewhere.

Cap Construction

It’s important to take into account the cap construction. A well-constructed cap will be made from a sturdy, durable material that won’t tear or fray easily. Some key features to look for in a cap are:

  • The cap should be firmly attached to the body of the pen via screws or rivets. If it is glued or welded on, make sure the seams are tight and there are no gaps or openings around the edge of the cap.
  • The cap should have a smooth, rounded edge. It shouldn’t have any sharp edges that could scratch your fingers when you’re writing with the pen.
  • The underside of the cap should be flat and free of any bumps or protrusions. This will help ensure that your pen fits securely in your hand while you’re writing.

Body Construction

When shopping for a fountain pen, it’s important to be aware of the body construction and features that will dictate its quality. There are a few key definable features to look for when purchasing a USA-made fountain pen, such as materials used, manufacturing methods, and fit and finish.

When it comes to materials, you’ll want to make sure the pen is composed of high-quality plastics and metals. For manufacturing methods, look for pens that use traditional hand tools and machines in order to produce a more durable product. And finally, make sure the pen’s finish is impeccable – any blemishes or imperfections will show up on paper.

All of these factors together make for an indicative gauge of how well a made-in-USA fountain pen will hold up over time. If you’re in the market for a quality writing instrument, be sure to take all three aspects into consideration when shopping!

Warranty and Returns

When shopping for a made-in-USA fountain pen, it is important to consider the warranty and return policy. Many companies offer a one or two year warranty on their products, ensuring that you have peace of mind if something goes wrong with your pen. If you do not want to deal with the hassle of returning your pen, many merchants offer a 30-day refund policy. In order to qualify for a return, make sure that the product you are returning is in the same condition as when you received it. It is also important to note that some companies do not allow returns on opened products.


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