Check Out the 10 Most Downloaded Apps in 2022!!!

Mobile Apps are the modern way of doing business. Not only various major brands got enormous gains using Mobile Apps in 2022 but also a lot of newcomers expanded their businesses using mobile apps.

For the same reason, number of Mobile Apps is increasing day by day in Apple and Play stores. More and more mobile apps are taking place in stores every day. However, having Mobile Apps is not only enough for a business the most important thing is what the app offers and how engaging the content is that app offers.

Today, in the following Article, we are going to discuss the 10 most downloaded Mobile Apps by users in the year 2022.

most downloaded apps


  1. TikTok:

In the year 2022, the winner of the most downloaded Mobile Apps segment is Tik-Tok. Tik-Tok is a China-based brand that offers short video-based content in Mobile Apps which engages users and provides them a quality time by offering their favorite content.

Not only the TikTok famous for entertainment-based content but also provides income to content creators.

  1. Instagram:

The second most downloaded Mobile of 2022 is Instagram. As a well-recognized social media platform, Instagram is famous for its incredible user experience. Within a very short period, Instagram not only took over Facebook and WhatsApp but also engaged millions of new users.

  1. Facebook:

After TikTok and Instagram, the third most downloaded app on the store is Facebook. Launched by Mark Zuckerberg in February 2004, the app gained immense popularity among user based in a very short period.  

Although Facebook has hundreds of millions of users, yet, Instagram overtook the audience and Facebook ended up at position 3 in the most downloaded apps list. 

  1. WhatsApp:

In the most favorite Mobile Apps list of 2022, WhatsApp messenger ended up at number 4 in 2022. It is the favorite messaging platform for the youth and is known for its incredibly quick data transfer rate.

Also, people use WhatsApp to provide their daily life updates to their known circle.   

  1. Telegram:

Following WhatsApp, Telegrams ends up the race in 4th place. Like WhatsApp, Telegram is another messaging platform that allows worldwide users to connect on the platforms and share their thoughts.

  1. Shopee:

The eCommerce market is getting insane heights in the 20’s decade. Mobile App based eCommerce business like Shopee not only encourages newcomers but also empowers the entire eCommerce business community.

Shoppe Mobile App is going to end the year 2022 in 6 places among the most used apps. Moreover, if you are an online business, and looking forward to having Mobile Apps for your eCommerce business, you can check out Knowband’s no-code Mobile App Builder. Furthermore, you can have your fully-fledged white labeled Mobile Apps live in the stores within 3-5 business days without coding.

Check out here, the amazing features offered by Knowband Mobile App Builder. 

  1. Snapchat:

Likewise, Instagram and Facebook, Snapchat is the other most trending social media platform in 2022. The platform not only offers short video-based content to the users but also Snapchat users can keep in touch 24/7 with each other through the provided unique messaging features.

Having all the fan base on board, this year Snapchat ended up in 7th place in the race.

  1. Messenger:

Messenger is a messaging app for Facebook social users. Not only the platform allows users to interact with worldwide Facebook users quickly but also messenger users can share their favorite media files.

Along with all the popularity, Messenger ended up in 8th place this year.

  1. CapCut:

CapCut is the first in the video editing Mobile App segment that made the 9th place this year in the highest downloaded Mobile Apps. The lucrative app layout attracts users to handle their small and large projects. This is not just all, the apps offer pretty easy-to-use tools that allow users to add modifications to their videos.

The users can also use the pro version of CapCut for accessing the advanced features. 

  1. Spotify:

Music is something that everyone likes. No one can deny the fact, that music is becoming a part of daily life.

The same fact stands behind the popularity of the music app Spotify and helped it to make it through to number 10. 

In the end,

Not only the number of Mobile Apps is increasing in stores but also more and more offline businesses are shifting online. If you are willing to launch Native Mobile Apps for your business, this might be the perfect time for your dream business.

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