What Could be the Best Halfway House for You?

Typically, addiction has no cure. Abstinence has to depend on periodic discipline and strict monitoring. This is where halfway homes come in. As the name suggests, these residences offer a middle ground between your rehabilitation center and your home and are ideal for those who have come out of rehab successfully but are not yet ready to get back to normal life!

What do these Homes Do? 

These homes or facilities place the abuse victim either in isolation or in a small group. Once they begin doing better, they are shifted to larger groups. Some halfway houses follow the reverse path where abuse victims are placed in larger groups first and subsequently moved to smaller groups. The stay period could vary anywhere from one to even six months. These facilities are governed by a set of strict rules and regulations. Internal programs and initiatives are conducted for helping to maintain sobriety.

Choosing the Best Halfway Home for your Needs

Selecting the best halfway facility will depend on the following parameters:

Check on Accountability: The basic purpose of a halfway stay is to ensure a smooth transition. And this transition can never be achieved without ensuring complete accountability from the individual. You will need to check on the processes that are in place to ensure the accountability of every inmate! Take a good look at the rules of a halfway house. Are inmates allowed to work? Do they need to attend support group gatherings like AA meetings as a must? Are blood tests mandatory for checking on substance abuse? These are some of the most relevant questions to ask.

Safety is Important: Every inmate should be made to feel safe within this facility. It should be a “home” in the true sense of the word, where every member finds peace and tranquility and feels relaxed. The atmosphere should be supportive and happy.

What about the Charges: Ensuring affordability before choosing a specific halfway home is important. Some homestays may be covered either partially or totally by your insurance policy. Make sure you check on these aspects before taking your pick. In case you do not have insurance, you should be able to afford the amount charged for the slated period.

Location is Important: Finding the right location is more important than you think. Ideally, your halfway facility should not be too far from your support systems, like family and friends. They can offer crucial support during your stay. So, finding just any halfway house in California will not do; you will need to find out that is a part of your surroundings.

The Quality of Staff: Abuse recovery victims require support at all times. And this is where the role of the staff members comes into play! You need to speak to the members of the staff and check how compassionate and responsive they are to your needs!

Halfway homes offer the ideal middle-ground for abuse recovery patients before they can step into the real world! It all depends on how well you choose your recovery home to ensure maximum success.


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