Plan Your Perfect Bali Surf Trip With These Tips!

Bali is one of the first-rate and maximum famous surf places in the worldwide. The “Island of the Gods” is blessed with warm temperatures, unwell waves almost year spherical and relax tropical vibes, quite an awful lot the entirety you need for a fun surf experience!

It doesn’t rely if it’s your first time ever status on a board or if you’re a pro surfer already, Bali has waves for each diploma. Bali became the third place in which I ever surfed, and I cherished the experience.

In this manual, I prepare the entirety you need to recognise approximately browsing in Bali. I didn’t surf all around the island (I desire I had!) so I asked a number of my Bali-based virtual nomad and surfer friends to make a contribution to this submit.

Here you may find out all the nice surf spots, surf beaches, and surf camps in Bali, in addition to the excellent time to surf in Bali, what you ought to p.C. For a surfing adventure and wherein to live.

So let’s dive in (metaphorically for now, and shortly in real waves)!

Best time to surf in Bali

Like maximum tropical international locations Bali has a moist season and a dry season. The wet season is going from November to March, while the dry season is going from May to September.

The months in among are referred to as “shoulder months” and are my private preferred time to tour.

In the “shoulder months” the weather is higher than inside the wet season, however the costs are despite the fact that low because it’s now not peak season however, and there can be significantly lots less tourists spherical.

Even if you can best travel to Bali in the wet season don’t worry an excessive amount of approximately the rain, it normally technique warm and solar for maximum of the day, with a short torrential typhoon towards the top of it.

When it involves the waves, Bali’s west coast is blessed with sturdy ocean waves yr round. Whatever time of the one year you visit Bali, you may discover superb waves.

However the dry season, May to September, has the maximum ordinary waves and is the fine time to surf in Bali.

Bali surf spots map

Here is a map outlining all of the satisfactory surfing spots in Bali. As you can see they’re concentrated alongside the west coast, in the southern a part of the island. Let’s test the most great ones in more detail!

Photo of the nice surf spots in Bali with the aid of BaliSurfWaves
Photo of the awesome surf spots in Bali with the aid of way of BaliSurfWaves

The extremely good surf spots in Bali

Seminyak Beach

On my first trip to Bali I surfed in Seminyak Beach. It turn out to be my 1/3 time ever surfing and I decided it a pretty easy spot to surf. There’s an extended beach break with consistent waves.


Uluwatu is one of the maximum well-known Bali surf spots. It’s placed under the impressive cliffs and temples of Uluwatu, and is simply a cluster of 6 different reef breaks.

The waves right here can get pretty huge and the surf line-up may be pretty busy. It’s a pretty difficult spot and extra one for the advanced surfers, however beautiful despite the fact that.

Padang Padang

Padang Padang is also a reef spoil with pretty huge waves, moreover endorsed for added advanced surfers. However it also has an internal reef that may be surfed by way of amateur and intermediate surfers, relying on the tide and swell.

Kuta Beach

Kuta has a smooth sand beach smash, which means it’s an amazing Bali surf spot for beginners. Lessons and board leases also are a chunk much less pricey than in specific spots of the island, making it perfect in case you need to clock in a whole lot of surfing hours to learn.

Old Mans

Old Mans is one of the exceptional surf spots for intermediate surfers. It’s additionally a reef damage but a in reality lengthy one, meaning you can ride the equal waves for a completely lengthy.


Medewi is home to Bali’s longest left-hand wave. The wave breaks slowly this means that it’s best for all tiers. This spot is still a long way from the number one traveler radar so you gained’t find plenty inside the region except other keen surfers.

It’s simply one of the nice browsing seashores in Bali.

The restricted variety of cafes and eating places genuinely make it best as you’ll see the equal humans within the water as you do at night time in the consuming places, making it smooth for solo travelers to make pals.

My experience surfing in Bali

Like I said I handiest had the delight of browsing in Seminyak Beach, however, I want I’d been capable of visit greater of the epic surf seashores in Bali. There’s no denying the surf itself became extremely good, however what I cherished most became the overall environment.

The beach is big and there has been plenty of space for all the surfers, I never found myself stepping into someone’s wave or a person crashing into mine.

The waves were also lengthy, effective and everyday, making it very clean for a person like me, who grow to be very a first rate deal a newbie at this degree, to seize a few waves.

I additionally loved chilling in Seminyak Beach put up browsing. We sat on the beach because the solar reduced itself inside the sky, placing the clouds on fireplace.

Seminyak is slightly at the more high priced cease of fees in Bali, however there are masses of lovable beach bars that you have to try.

We spent the nighttime ingesting mojitos, playing with tasty food and looking the sunset at the beach from a colourful and a laugh beach bar. It turns out to be the proper finishing to our first Bali surf day.

Dinner at the seaside with a sundown view and live song
Dinner at the seashore with a sunset view and stay tuned in Seminyak Beach

The great surf camps in Bali

If you need to learn how to surf (which I’m guessing you do in case you’re studying this publish) I notably suggest doing a surf camp in Bali.

I didn’t do one last time I was in Bali but I honestly have because finished two surf camps inside the Canary Islands, one in Fuerteventura and one in Tenerife, and they’ve been amongst my favorite trips and journey memories.

By doing a surf camp you’re not handiest sure that they’ll take you to the tremendous places to surf in Bali, however also that you’ll be surrounded by means of manner of likeminded surfers within the path of your whole trip.

Instead of staying in an ordinary hostel after which getting lessons from any surf school at the seashore, you may be a part of a hint browsing network. These are a number of the Bali surf camps that my pals have finished and may advocate.

Mojo Surf

Some of my friends went to Mojo Surf years inside the beyond and at the prevailing time, they nevertheless rave about it. With camps in Indonesia and Australia, Mojo Surf have years of enjoy coaching human beings from all around the world a way to surf.

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