There are many people who suffer from chronic muscle and body pains. After the age of 40, most people face problems regarding joint, neck and shoulder pains. Sitting in front of the computer daily for long hours can be the major reason why people suffer from this.

Instead of going for hard medicines one can try natural capsules pain relief which have no potential side effects. But before taking medicines it is always a good idea to try some natural healing methods which can help them to get relief from pain.

Things to try to reduce pain

Get moving

Light exercises are always recommended when one is suffering from joint pains. Regular exercises can reduce pain because it can strengthen the muscles can support joints. It also triggers the body to produce endorphins which can relieve pain. Now, the question is – what type of exercise one should do when they have pain? Well, for that one has to ask an expert who can recommend certain exercises depending on one’s fitness level and other body factors.

Eat more fiber

Many researches have suggested that if one has a diet with high-fiber then they suffer from less joint pain as compared to others. Fiber can produce lots of fatty acids that can help in maintaining a healthy balance of microbes in the digestive tract. If there is an imbalance then it can lead to gut problems and there can be a high risk of body inflammation.

Warm-up aching joints

Applying some heat on the painful joints can always ease the pain and the discomfort. It can also increase the blood flow to sore muscles and can loosen the stiff joints. As a result, the brain gets distracted from pain. One can try heat therapy by using a hot water bottle, electric heating pad, hot bath and even with heated gel pads.

Cool down joints

When it comes to joint and muscle pains then there are high chances of inflammation. Applying a cold compress on the skin over the affected area can reduce this painful inflammation. It can also slow down the nerve impulses which can interrupt the pain signals.


Human body is designed for movement. If one is not moving much because of the pain then this inactivity can make pain much worse. So, one has to keep doing gentle stretches so that mobility is maintained and there is a range of motion too. One can also take help from a physical therapist who can show some effective stretches along with exercises to treat the situation.

Try turmeric

Turmeric roots are said to have some great anti-inflammatory properties and one can have it in order to deal with pain and inflammation. Taking curcumin supplements can get them effective results in a few days.

One can also have relief pain capsules if they are suffering from too much pain. It is also necessary to see a doctor if the pain does not go away in a week or two. Sometimes it may need serious medication and acupuncture to reduce pains.

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