Over the last 4 years, the global landscape has changed dramatically, especially in the energy world. The industry has become increasingly volatile due to rapid changes in technology, government-led environmental strategies and sudden price increases, making it a challenging world for energy traders to get through. We look at some of the struggles within the industry and how to remove these obstacles as well as the software for energy brokers to make your business as efficient as possible 

As simple as it may sound, there is more than one factor driving up energy prices. A flurry of world events, regulatory regulations, sudden climate change and pandemics (as we all know in 2020) can quickly cause energy prices to fall or rise. Navigating this ever changing and fluctuating landscape can be a big challenge for brokers when  using the energy broker software. It takes accurate, precise data and the right tools to interpret that information and turn it into smart, informed decisions to deliver the best offers and experience for your customers

  • Lack Of Data Management

The amount of data types needed in the energy broker platform to get into a single citation is absolutely astronomical. Suppliers in different parts of the world with policies, legal codes, local governments and policies show that energy issues have struggled sadly with its standard in a way that is often easily accessible It can be difficult

  • Getting Supplier Quotes Quickly

The issue with an industry where prices change at the drop of a hat, is that information for potential customers that is accurate one minute can suddenly be incorrect the next. Potential customers don’t want guess work, they want an answer, and there are so many factors that go into a quote it can be a struggle to get this information as quickly as the customer wants it. Renewable energy brokerage software options, contract lengths, estimated usage and budget (as well as global events and even politics) all factor into a single quote. Getting that information from suppliers that successfully ticks all those boxes all whilst staying competitive can truly be a challenge for even the best in the industry.

  • Changing Customer Expectations

Green energy, reduced carbon emissions and environmental sustainability are more prevalent than ever before. Now more than ever, Enerclix energy broker software customers expect their energy providers to have green initiatives and an environmental focus. In an age of tech focused business, customers also expect a more deliberate approach to customer service than ever before. Impersonal call centres, long queue times and stressful paper trails are no longer the norm when it comes to service providers. Smart devices, apps and fast answers are absolutely paramount to a positive customer experience, meaning businesses need to stay at the bleeding edge of technology if they expect to retain customers long term and continue to receive positive feedback. 


These challenges aren’t unique. Most energy brokers have (or continue to) experience these pain points. Implementing the right tools is the best place to start. For energy brokers, this means moving from frustrating, manual processes to reliable software designed for heavy-lifting. 

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