How to Clean and Store Your Fedora Hat to Keep It in Good Condition for Years

A hat is a fashion statement like nothing else, and after some time, they are again making a comeback. Fedora hats, especially, are finding favor with men and women of discerning taste.

fedora hat

However, given the cost of a good-quality fedora hat, it makes sense to know how to clean them and store them properly to ensure they look their best and last a lifetime. Some handy tips:

Removing Dirt, Dust, and Pet Hair

With use, your fedora hat will attract dust, lint, dirt, pet hair, and other gunk that spoil its looks. You should clean your hat regularly to ensure they do not settle into the material and become difficult to remove. You should never try to wipe the hat clean with your hand or shake and bang the hat on a hard surface to shake off the dust and debris. You will get the best results if you wash your hand thoroughly with soap and water before handling the hat. Also, ensure that the surface on which you will set the hat is clean and dry. According to Gentleman’s Gazette, you should hold the hat by its brim and use a soft-bristled hat brush using even and firm strokes to clean the surface. Never use a hard bristle brush as it can damage the material. After you have brushed the hat clean, you should use a lint roller to remove lint and pet hair that may be remaining on the material. You can use duct tape if you don’t have a lint roller.

Removing Stains from Your Fedora Hat  

You need to attend to stains as soon as possible to ensure that they do not become hard and more difficult to remove. Use a damp washcloth to dab at the stain to remove it. Also, ensure that the cloth you are using is white as otherwise; you can have the color of the cloth transferred to the hat. Alternatively, you can use a sponge with a commercial hat cleaning spray, but you need to read the label to make sure that the chemicals suit the hat material. If you want to play it safe, you can make a cleaning solution of your own by using a soap solution with cool water.

To dry your fedora hat, you should first wipe away the excess moisture with a clean and dry white cloth. A white microfiber cloth is the best since it absorbs water well and will not transfer its color to the hat. You can let the hat air dry in a place away from direct sunlight, preferably on a hat stand, or let it sit on the brim, not the crown on a flat surface. You can use a hairdryer at the lowest setting to dry your hat if you want.

Removing Foul Odor

Naturally, your black fedora hat will become stinky due to sweat. While you can always remove the sweatband from the hat, clean it with a soap solution, and let it air dry, you can think of using a deodorant spay especially meant for use on hats. You should use the spray conservatively to avoid damage to the hat material. Alternatively, you can spray a mixture of rubbing alcohol and water in equal proportions inside the hat.

Sun Protection

Even though your fedora hat gives you protection from the harsh sun, your hat also requires some amount of protection to avoid the color from fading and the material from becoming hard and brittle. You must not keep it in a place where it is exposed to direct sunlight. To extend its life, you can buy a hat-protection spray specially formulated to prevent fading, damage to the material, and loss of shape.

Storing Your Fedora Hat

You should not keep the hat lying around casually because it will lose its shape or get dirty and damaged. When you are using your hat regularly, it is best to hand it on a hat stand, however, if you don’t have one, you can keep it on a flat surface without letting it rest on its brim to avoid deforming it. Remember to keep the hat where it is not exposed to direct sunshine as it can become overly dry and the colors can fade. If you want to keep away your hat for a long time, the best method is to keep in it a hatbox. It will help the hat retain its shape and prevent it from becoming dirty. Adding a few mothballs will help keep insects away that can damage your hat. A hatbox is also convenient for taking your hat along with you when you are traveling to gclub24hr.


Keeping your fedora hat in good condition is not a difficult task at all. You need to clean it before it becomes too dirty. You can keep your hat looking new for many years by following the care tips and storing your hat properly.

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