Choose The Best Computer Monitor

Computer monitors are essential accessories for anyone who loves to play video games or watch movies. Choosing a computer monitor that is both accurate and comfortable will help maximize your productivity during work and entertainment time. The main thing you should look for when buying a monitor is how well it supports your favorite game. … Read more

How to Use Facial Recognition Technology For a Smooth KYC Process


Ever since the concept of digitization was introduced in the world, the number of cyberattacks and fraudulent activities escalated. Verifying the customer’s identity became very vital. Fortunately, advances in facial recognition systems now allow for more efficient ID authentication. This entails AML and KYC onboarding procedures for you. The biometric face recognition system, like DNS … Read more

5 Crucial Food Technology Innovations For 2022

Prepared by Synthesis Capital The year ahead presents many exciting innovations in the alternative protein sector. 2022 is already shaping up to be full of advances in food technology with markets actively embracing new product ideas.  Below, we explore some of the emerging trends to watch: Lab-grown cultivated meat will begin to gain popularity Founded … Read more

How to Change Font Styles in WhatsApp

Whatsapp fonts

WhatsApp, without any doubt, is one of the best and most used instant messenger apps in the world. With its simplicity and straightforward interference, people love using it for daily chatting and gossips. Just like the interference, the app also has a simple font. Are you sick of seeing the same old and dull fonts? … Read more

How to Fix 0x0 0x0 Error Code?

How to Fix 0x0 0x0 Error Code?

If you experience an 0x0 0x0 error code, it’s likely that you’re not using the latest and greatest web development frameworks. The best way to fix this is to start learning and using the right frameworks. If you’re looking for an easier way to fix the error, know that too often we see fixes that … Read more

How to fix our iphone?

iPhones are one of the maximum in-demand Smartphones throughout the globe. They are synthetic by using the American multinational technology agency Apple. Apple’s headquarter is located in Cupertino, California, USA. Apple is one of the huge era businesses which serve thousands and thousands of people all around the world. Apple develops iPod, iPhone, iPad, Apple … Read more

6 Awesome PMI Certifications to Boost Your Career in 2021 [Updated]

6 Awesome PMI Certifications to Boost Your Career in 2021 [Updated]

In the field of project management, the Project Management Institute (PMI) is a non-profit multinational organization. As well as standard-setting and standard-setting activities such as research and educational endeavours, publications and networking opportunities via local chapters throughout the world, the Project Management Institute also hosts conferences and seminars and offers project management certification. PMI publishes … Read more

How to Choose Crypto Coin for the Trading in 2022.

How to Choose Crypto Coin for the Trading in 2022

Crypto currency is the future of finance, and many other sectors. The cost of crypto-currencies grows day by day, and there are more companies that will accept it for payment. For example, if you want to go to an online casino or poker room, then you can do it only with cryptocurrencies. There are also … Read more