A Career In Animation And VFX After The 12th?

Movies like Avatar, Avenger, Matrix, Tintin etc. or games like PUBG etc. with incredible visuals wouldn’t have been possible without VFX and Animations. VFX & Animation have become an essential cog and offers huge prospects. Before exploring these opportunities further, we should understand what animation & VFX is.     

Visual Effects (VFX) is a specialised discipline that is concerned with designing of exaggerated yet convincing sequence that are otherwise unfeasible to create in real life such as creation of fictional characters like aliens or environment (life) on other planet or an explosion in the building etc. It involves manipulation of imagery along with merging of digitally enhanced graphics with real life shoot

Being a part of VFX, Animation involves transformation of inanimate objects, illustrations, 3D generated characters, models, images etc. into frames that are then placed in a sequence to portray a simulation of movement. 24 frames per second are required to create a smooth jerk less movement. 

The animation & VFX hence created can be utilised in TV shows, Video Games, advertising, Films, mobile applications, and digital space etc.

Career Prospects post completion of Animation & VFX course:

  • Animator: He utilizes diverse software like 3D model-making, stop-frame, 2D etc. to create frames out of static images, hand drawn images, inanimate objects, or digitally produced images. These frames are then stitched in a sequence to give a simulation of movement. The content thus produced is used in video games, films, digital medium etc. 
  • Game Designer/Developer: Basis his research, analysis and evaluation of target audience, he ideates distinct concepts, designs puzzles, storyline, characters and mechanics etc. He collaborates with different departments like testing, sound design, marketing etc. besides also making sure that game is open for use on multiple platforms and can be modernized easily. Furthermore, he is responsible to ensure the success of the game as well as earning revenue from game. 
  • Web Designers: His role involves visualising, ideating, designing and coding web pages basis his understanding of client’s brief, his end objective, company’s brand language, customer’s requirements & preferences etc. Additionally, he identifies the apt coding language, intuitive & logical navigation and other UI/UX aspects so that the designed app pr website can not only run smoothly on multiple platforms but also can easily be maintained and updated.  
  • Lighting Artist: He plays an essential role in story telling for he has an understanding of the way lighting interacts with objects and sets tone, thereby breathing life into every shot, thus creating an incredible impact in film production. 
  • Compositing Artist: He plays an important role for he makes sure that there is no glitch between live shoot and VFX, thereby offering seamless experience to the audience. 
  • Rigging or Texture Artist: He must possess good observation skills for he creates digital skeleton for 3D computer-generated characters besides giving it a personality, character, reaction, movement & face.  
  • Concept Artists: He visualises, ideates & designs simulated worlds along with its environment, characters, its personality along with its temperaments, reactions & moods etc.  

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