7 Things to Do with Kids in Nainital


Young kids, newlyweds and even the elderly can find a lot to like in the immensely beautiful city of Nainital. But if you are wondering about places in Nainital that are good for kids, you can try some of the best suggestions. Also, you can always book the best Nainital hotels for a wholesome experience with little ones.

First, it might be hard to find the best places for kids in Nainital, such as water parks, theme parks and playgrounds. However, the best ways to entertain your child are the ones listed below. Children are sure to have a good time, learn new things and eat well while waiting in long lines, so they won’t get bored.

1. Watch Wildlife at G B Pant High Altitude Zoo

The GB Pant High Altitude Zoo is situated at a height 2,100 meters (6,900 feet) above sea level and is home to a number of endangered Himalayan species. These animals have a chance to thrive in the high-altitude location, which also provides an opportunity for research and rehabilitation. 

At this attraction, you can see animals like the Himalayan bear, Tibetan wolf, leopard and Royal Bengal tiger. Don’t forget to look up to see a variety of high-altitude birds like the Lady Amherst pheasant and rose-ringed parakeet. Despite the fact that the zoo can be reached by road, kids should prepare for some uphill trekking. 

You might want to think about adopting one of the animals to help pay for their rehabilitation as the kids are bound to fall in love with them. You can plan your visit to the High-Altitude Zoo this summer at the earliest. Check for Nainital hotels near the zoo for a comfortable stay.

2. Boating at Sattal Lake

Sattal Lake is a natural freshwater lake in the city of Nainital, surrounded by stunning hills. When viewed from above, it resembles a crescent. It is great for an adventurous getaway because it is regarded as the largest and most popular of the several lakes in the Kumaon region. 

Kids can take a leisurely stroll along the lakeside in addition to the popular boat rides in the lake. Furthermore, you can arrange a picnic by the lake, surrounded by green hills with houses and cottages that reflect in the water. 

You can rent a pedal boat or a rowboat and head out with the kids onto the sparkling water. In the evenings, you can go for a walk after a long day with the kids around the lake’s border to take in the pleasant view and quiet air.

3. Exploring Cave Garden

The Eco Cave Gardens is a system of natural hanging gardens and underground caves that are connected to one another. The gardens, which are close to Sukhtal on the Kaladungi road, take you on an exciting journey through weathered caves and narrow roads. 

An enchanting garden with musical fountains can be found on the site. It is the best place for a fun family with a stroll across the Garden stretch and through the underground cave. Kids can wander through a Himalayan landscape through a series of connected rocky caves. Caves of varying sizes and containing a variety of animals can be found as they wander and climb through rough terrain. 

After exploring below ground, kids can visit the hilltop garden, which offers views of the town and rolling green hills. Lastly, they can watch an audiovisual performance by a musical fountain modeled after a Disneyland attraction if you can stay until the evening.

4. Mythological tales at Hanuman Garhi

Hanuman Garhi is a sacred Hindu site, but its location is what draws tourists there. It features a 20 feet tall statue of Lord Hanuman. Surrounded by lush green mountains of Nainital and filled with holy tales of Ramayana, it’s a great place to take kids. It is made more fascinating by the fact that every corner of the premises has a Ramayana-related story. 

You can go to the many small temples, the most important of which is the Hanuman Temple. Kids can listen to the many sermons taking place in the temples. They can enhance their knowledge about Lord Hanuman, who is regarded as the epitome of strength, fidelity, devotionand is the subject of the temple. 

It can be a fruitful lesson for your wards to understand that Lord Hanuman spent his entire life serving Lord Rama, his mentor and idol. Lastly, it can be an enriching experience to instill the right values and morals in your kids.

5. Observe Nature at Butterfly Research Centre

Have your kids ever been to a museum that made you excited to visit? Seems like something improbable to tell the truth, yet stand by till you try this special exhibition hall. Did you know about the Butterfly Museum in Bhimtal? This unusual, privately owned museum, also known as the Butterfly Research Centre, can definitely blow the kids’ minds. 

The collection of butterflies, moths, beetles, spiders and other insects in the museum is stunning. The jaw-dropping collection of butterflies from other continents is especially impressive. Also, various Nainital hotels can be found around the location.

Among the local specimens are a variety of oak butterflies whose wings perfectly imitate oak leaves to help them blend in. Then there are the unusual butterflies, such as the snake, owl and peacock butterfly. The collection’s size, color and variety are, to put it mildly, amazing.

6. Thrill and Chills at Appu Ghar

Appu Ghar is a popular destination for both elders and kids alike and it was one of the nation’s first amusement parks. The water park, giant wheel, roller coaster and go-kart track is among the park’s many rides and attractions that can keep the kids busy. 

The park has a number of restaurants and food courts, as well as shops that sell souvenirs and memorabilia for kids. The water park, which included numerous slides and a large wave pool, was one of the main draws to the resort. A mini train, a carousel and a Ferris wheel were among the park’s rides that were suitable for children. 

It is no doubt a popular theme park in Delhi that has a wide range of rides and attractions for kids. They can enjoy the water rides, candy stalls, go-karting and rain dance that are more than enough to keep them busy with utmost fun and adventure, all in one place.

7. Mesmerizing Views of Tiffin Top

Also known as the Dorothy Seat, this stone-work perch on the Tiffin Top was built in honor of the painter Dorothy Kellet. It is on the top of the mountain overlooking the majestic view of the town of Nainital. 

This viewpoint can offer kids some breathtaking views of the Himalayas and Nainital, making it one of the best places to visit in November in Nainital. At a height of 2290 meters, it is a well-known Nainital picnic spot and ideal for a family picnic and a photographer’s paradise. 

After people started taking their tiffins and lunch boxes to this hilltop for a family picnic, the name Tiffin Top was actually kept. This Tiffin Top Nainital hike is a must-do if you want to have an authentic Nainital adventure with your kids. Take them on an adventurous trek to Naini Peak and Kilbury in Nainital by hiking and trekking through high terraced fields and stunning scenery.

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One of India’s best hill stations, Nainital is lined with old cottages, green hills and winding streets. Its charm includes boating and sailing, old temples and heritage buildings and of course, breathtaking views for the kids at every turn. 


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